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Terra Relicta Top 20 Of 2014

01. Aeon Sable - Visionaers
02. Whispers In The Shadow -
Beyond The Cycles Of Time
03. Merciful Nuns
- Meteora VII
04. The Devil & The Universe -
Haunted Summer
05. Der Blaue Reiter
- Le Paradis Funebre II - L' Adieu Du Silence     
06. Order Of Isaz -
Seven Years Of Famine
07. The Stompcrash
- Love From Hell    
08. Saigon Blue Rain -
What I Don't See   
09. Alcest
- Shelter          
10. Double Eyelid
- Seven Years  


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Latest News

EPICA - Releases Behind The Scenes Footage From The European Enigma Tour

Dutch masters of symphonic metal Epica kicked off the European Enigma Tour together with Dragonforce and Dagoba past Thursday at the Kulturfabrik in Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg. Panda Productions joined the band to capture behind-the-scene footage of the first shows of the tour. The European Enigma tour will continue through France, Spain, Portugal and UK. The tour will finish in Holland where the band will perform a sold out show at the 2000 capacity venue Tivoli Vredenburg in Utrecht. The second leg of the tour will continue in January 2015. Watch behind the scenes video below. Link

MELECHESH - New Album Out In February

Five years after their highly praised album, The Epigenesis, Melechesh return with a new album titled Enki. Almost all of the music and lyrics was again written and produced by Ashmedi. Melechesh spent one month in their rehearsal room in Hinzweiler (Germany) rehearsing the material before entering the recording studio in Athens, Greece. The band wanted a Mediterranean place to capture the essence of the band’s origins. Enki features 12 string electric guitars aside from the 6 string played on the entire album, for a heavier and subtly richer harmonic sound. The band also tuned their instruments to the pitch perfect 432 Hz frequency rather than the standardized 440 Hz one for a deeper sonic experience within the human psyche and in accordance to vibrations of the universe. Enki also features esteemed friends of the Melechesh society guest vocalists Max Cavalera (ex Sepultura, Soulfly, Cavalera Conspiracy,...) and Sakis Tolis (Rotting Christ) as well as guest lead by Rob Caggiano (ex Anthrax, Volbeat,...). With so many nationalities in the band Melechesh have become more comfortable at being labelled as an act from planet earth or just Jerusalem without adhering to any man-made virtual borders. To the band this is metaphorical rebellion. With this deep and personal album filled with metaphor, spiritual, and philosophical references, and further development of their own Mesopotamian metal, Melechesh are yet again ready to spread their sonic magic, enlightened revelations and art to the cosmos. Album will be released through Nuclear Blast Records and will hit the stores on 6th February 2015 in Europe, 9th February in UK and on 10th February in North America. Pre-orders are available at this location. Tracklist is below. Link

Enki tracklist:
01. Tempest Temper Enlil Enraged
02. The Pendulum Speaks
03. Lost Tribes
04. Multiple Truths
05. Enki - Divine Nature Awoken
06. Metatron And Man
07. The Palm The Eye And Lapis Lazuli
08. Doorways To Irkala
09. The Outsiders

DAY IN A DECADE - Another Track From Upcoming Album Available For Streaming

British female fronted dark electro-rockers Day In A Decade have made available for streaming the demo version of the title track of their soon to be released new album entitled Eternal Journey. The track features Pete Finnemore of Grooving In Green on guitars who will appear on the forthcoming album as a guest on a couple of tracks. Previously revealed track "Is This Who You Wanted To Be" can be heard over HERE. In other news we inform you that Simon Manning has left the band. Listen to "Eternal Journey" in the Soundcloud player below. Link


INQUISITION - First Two Album Reissued Next Year, Cover Artworks Revealed

USA based black metal legends Inquisition will re-release their debut, Into The Infernal Regions Of The Ancient Cult, originally released in 1998, and their highly praised sophomore full-length Invoking The Majestic Throne Of Satan. The debut album will be reissued on 26th January 2015 and the sophomore one on 23rd February 2015, both via Season Of Mist. This is part of Season Of Mist exclusively releasing the official catalogue of the US black metal prodigies. Only the releases via Season of Mist are official. Every other edition is nothing but a bootleg and theft against the artist. The only notable exceptions are the US versions by American label Hells Headbangers Records. These will be replaced by Season Of Mist editions at a later point in time.
Now both cover artworks have been revealed, Invoking The Majestic Throne Of Satan will come as all reissues will with new artwork by the renowned artist Paolo Girardi, who already created the cover art for Inquisition's latest album Obscure Verses For The Multiverse (2013). The original artwork will be included as well with each re-release. Girardi's covers are part of an overarching concept and should be seen in conjunction. More details about his mysterious work will be revealed with the final re-release. Both reissues will have the original masters; no remixes, no re mastering.  Tracklists and cover artworks are below (click on the pictures to enlarge). Link

Into The Infernal Regions Of The Ancient Cult tracklist:
01. Unholy Magic Attack
02. Those Of The Night
03. The Initiation
04. Empire Of Luciferian Race
05. Summoned By Ancient Wizards Under A Black Moon
06. Journey To Infernukeorreka
07. Into The Infernal Regions Of The Ancient Cult
08. Mighty Wargod Of The Templars (Hail Baphomet)
09. Solitary Death In The Nocturnal Woodlands
10. Hail The Cult

Invoking The Majestic Throne Of Satan tracklist:
01. Embraced by the Unholy Powers of Death and Destruction
02. Enshrouded by Cryptic Temples of the Cult
03. Kill with Hate
04. Rituals of Human Sacrifice for Lord Baal
05. Invoking the Majestic Throne of Satan
06. Hail the King of All Heathens
07. The Realm of Shadows Shall Forever Reign
08. For Lucifer My Blood
09. Imperial Hymn for Our Master Satan

ESKAPI - Debut Release Out In December

Swedish depressive rock/black metal project Eskapi will release their debut mini album entitled Välkommen till (O)verkligheten on 22nd December through Art Of Propaganda. The project was formed in 2013 by C.L. (music) and J.G. (Ex-Lifelover, Vanhelga), responsible for vocals and lyrics. Here's what the two guys had to say:" In early 2013 both of us were trapped in our own versions of Hell. We decided to create music together in the quest to get perspective on our lives and this blessed curse. With no interest in making music that has already been made out of parasitical stage whores we tried to create something unique. We aimed to explore the world around is with music, words and misery. The name "Eskapi" means escapism - "A condition of escaping the reality", which we have a tendency to do. In March 2013 CL began to create the song "Hejdå". Since J.G have had a longing for a project centered around his lyrics for years, this was a moment where we immediately realized - this road is the one and only for us. The project is nothing more than an omission, like a white archive or a suicide note. Why do we do this? To explore our inner darkness. The creation process is nothing we design - it comes from nowhere inspired by the constant chaos surrounding us. We have not at a single moment doubt that this fills a meaningful prophecy compared to life in itself. If people are expecting something to please them or to get feel a feeling of community, they will, like the sheep's continue walking in total pointless footsteps. What we are giving away from us with this album is art created by two fireborned maniacs with a goal and a belief directed towards life and its naive dreams of a beautiful life. Only death is real! This is our (un)reality - and you're more than welcome to share it with us!" Tracklist and cover artwork are below. Link

Välkommen till (O)verkligheten tracklist:
01. Invant Vansinne
02. Vargar & Får
03. Narkotiska Känslor
04. Region Skåne
05. Till Dig (När Jag Försvinner)
06. Skillnader
07. Hejdå

DOPE STARS INC. – Announce TeraPunk Release Date, Release New Song Online

Cyberpunk rockers from Italy Dope Stars Inc. have finally revealed their forthcoming release, TeraPunk, will see the light of the day on 5th January 2015. By the words of the band, TeraPunk is terabyte of raw data delivered straight to your pretty face. A new ravenous synth'n'roll perversion of real instruments and artificial machines playing together at a promiscuous party with no end. Excited yet? For more information about the album jump over HERE and if you're all set for the party, listen to the new song, "It's Going To Rain For You" in our player below. German fans will also be glad to know, the band will have three live shows in January: on 8th January at K7, Berlin, on 9th January at Das Bett in Frankfurt and on 10th January at Backstage, Munich. Link


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Album of the month - October 2014

Band: Aeon Sable
Album title: Visionaers
Release date: 17 October 2014
Label: Solar Lodge

Band: Enshine
Album title: Origin
Release date: 15 May 2013
Label: Rain Without End Records/Naturmacht Productions - See more at:
Band: Hanging Garden
Album title: At Every Door
Release date: 21 January 2013
Label: Lifeforce Records - See more at:
Band: Hanging Garden
Album title: At Every Door
Release date: 21 January 2013
Label: Lifeforce Records - See more at:
Band: Hanging Garden
Album title: At Every Door
Release date: 21 January 2013
Label: Lifeforce Records - See more at:
Band: Hanging Garden
Album title: At Every Door
Release date: 21 January 2013
Label: Lifeforce Records - See more at:
Band: Enshine
Album title: Origin
Release date: 15 May 2013
Label: Rain Without End Records/Naturmacht Productions - See more at:

Aeon Sable, a name that must already bring shivers to every and each soul fancying dark music out there. The band is one of the most productive and credible bands in the dark rock scene, but not only, with each new release, the German band expands the borders of the genre - let's say gothic rock, even though this is a bit unjust to say so for their musical creations. One year after the stunning "mini" album Aequinoctium Aeon Sable offers an ahead of time album named Visionaers. Aeon Sable become masters in creating vast atmospheric gothic rock soundscapes by making use of elements taken from post-rock and metal, even shoegaze, dark wave and cinematic music. Aeon Sable's fourth album reaches the heights that were set with previous albums, but it goes further. Thankfully also the production, final mix, mastering and artwork concept works in their favour. Visionaers is by all means an album showing now a completely consistent band that's expanding their own artistical limits and with that, maybe even unconsciously, writing the history of the genre, making it modern with an unpretentious approach. A must!

Read a review: Here

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The Strigas - Sweet Bitterness

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