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Terra Relicta Top 20 Of 2014

01. Whispers In The Shadow - Beyond The Cycles Of Time
02. Order Of Isaz - Seven Years Of Famine
03. Saigon Blue Rain
- What I Don't See           
04. God's Own Medicine
- Drachma       
05. The Stompcrash -
Love From Hell           
06. Alcest
- Shelter   
07. Liquid Grey -
Arsenic Dreams       
08. Double Eyelid
- Seven Years       
09. Frostbite
- Everything That I Crave           
10. Yabanci -


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Latest News

VIPER SOLFA – Sign With Massacre Records

Risen from the ashes of Norwegian goth metallers Trail Of Tears, Viper Solfa, a relatively newly formed extreme metal band has recently announced signing to German label Massacre Records. Frontman of the band, the charismatic vocalist Ronny Thorsen commented on the deal by saying: "After spending over a year crafting this beast of an album, Viper Solfa is very pleased to announce our signing to Germany's Massacre Records! Having worked intensely in both Sound Suite Studios in France and Strand Studio in Oslo, Norway, to obtain the results needed to present the material, it feels very comfortable to hand over the finished product to one of the longest-running metal labels around. We look forward to a fruitful collaboration with the enthusiastic people at Massacre!" The band  consisting of experienced musicians (more details over HERE), decided to name their style simply as ''poison music'' and are promising us more details on the upcoming debut soon. Link

THE DEVIL & THE UNIVERSE - Unveils The Tracklist, Cover Artwork And First Track Out Of The Sophomore Album

The Return of the Goats! Austrian occultists, experimental ghost wave/dark ambient act The Devil & The Universe is about to release its sophomore album entitled Haunted Summer at All Hallows' Eve day 31st October 2014 via [aufnahme + wiedergabe]. Pre-sales will start on Equinoxe day 21st September 2014. Today the Austrian duo consisting of Ashley Dayour (known also as a vocalist/guitarist in Whispers In The Shadow, Coma Divine, ex L'Âme Immortelle) and David Pfister, have revealed the tracklist, cover artwork done by Krist Mort (click on the picture below to enlarge) and made available for streaming the first track out of it, "Danaus Plexippus". Promo video for the track will be released on 19th September, so stay tuned. Album will be available on next editions: White Vinyl + CD (limited to 300) and CD Digipack (limited to 200). Link

Haunted Summer tracklist:
01. Haunted Summer
02. Stygian
03. Cloak Of Dispersion
04. Danaus Plexippus
05. The Goat Head
06. The Curse Of Byron
07. Calling Of The Shades
08. Phantasmagoria
09. Gipfelrausch
10. Elisa Fields (CD bonus)
11. Womb Of The Night (CD bonus)
12. Haunted Meadow (CD bonus)
13. Diodati 1816 (CD bonus)


MASSAITH - Releases Sophomore Album

Massaith, meaning "truck" in Hebrew, the latest side-project of Russian-Israeli composer and sound engineer Anatoly Grinberg just released as a digital version his second album simply entitled II through CRL Studios. The three track album is available as "name your price" download from Bandcamp. Anatoly Grinberg is writing and releasing music since 2004 under the names Tokee, ARG, Paindonor and Fire Piranhas. Project name is Grinberg's personal tribute to those years when he was doing his army service as a military truck driver. This experience showing up here blending electric bleeps and beats of machine sensors with howling ambient of a neverending space of asphalt and hypnotic noise repetitiveness of heavy duty machinery slowly building cast iron frame for black and white illustrations to the stories about you and the machine in the middle of a deserted nowhere. This is an exploration utilizing experimental electronics to convey the sounds held within the body and the sounds that engulf it. The exterior world and internal world colliding in music. For fans of experimental and IDM with noise and ambient elements. Give it a listen below. Link

AEON SABLE - First Remixes Available For Streaming

There's no secret anymore that German gothic/dark rock favorites Aeon Sable and Terra Relicta webmagazine have teamed up and prepared the Remix Contest for Aeon Sable's new track "Visions", taken from bands upcoming album Visionaers, set to be released on 17th October via Solar Lodge Records. Now the contest is already in full run and first remixes came over, so we decided to unveil them to all of you. The voting for best remix will start on 1st October and the winning one will be to be pressed on CD and appears on this years Free Music Sampler. Enter the contest page and get more informations at this location. Link


RAGNAROK - Take Everyone By Surprise With New Vocalist Announcement

It has been several months since one of Norway's iconic black metal bands Ragnarok announced the departure of vocalist Hans Fyrste, and since then there has been much speculation as to who will replace him, with several high profile names being thrown into the mix by fans. But until now the band has kept quiet about their choice, whilst at the same time rehearsing the new line-up behind closed doors. And now that the announcement can be made, there is no doubt at all that it will surprise most fans - because the new vocalist will be drummer and Ragnarok founder Jontho himself, and his place behind the drum kit on stage will be taken by Dauden drummer Malignant.
It might seem strange that Jontho, who is one of the most well known and respected drummers on the black metal scene, and who has played in various bands such as Tsjuder, Endezzma and Shadow Dancers during his long and formidable career, should decide on a change of direction, especially with a band that he founded 20 years ago, but, as he explains, he is not entirely abandoning his drums: "When Hans Fyrste left  I sat down together with bass player DezeptiCunt and guitarist Bolverk, and we knew that finding the right person who would fit Ragnarok's ethos both in terms of performance and live appearances was not going to be easy. On top of which we had to begin work on our eighth full-length album, and we didn't want to have to rush into anything we might later come to regret, so we took the decision that I would continue to handle the drums in the studio, as well as taking on the vocals both in the studio and on stage, and that Malignant would drum for us live on stage. Although I'm known as a drummer, I'm not a stranger to performing vocals, having done backing vocals on some of Ragnarok's albums. It would be fair to say that am tired of front men who do not give their all and quit the band, so, since I am the most stable member and the de facto front man from the beginning, even though I played the drums, I will now front the band as I should have years ago. Of course, doing vocals live in front of an audience is definitely a challenge, but one that I was interested in trying after all these years behind the drum kit. Will I continue as Ragnarok's vocalist after the release of the next album? That remains to be seen, but for the time being it's something I'm looking forward to".
Jontho's first appearance on stage as vocalist with Ragnarok will take place on the 4th October at the Stadthalle in Schweinfurt, Germany, when the band is set to appear at Norwegian Hellcamp, the new festival which, as its name suggests, is devoted entirely to Norwegian black and extreme metal. Along with Ragnarok in the line-up are Taake, Slagmaur, Vulture Industries, Endezzma, Sarkom, Den Saakaldte and Aura Noir. In addition aside from working on their next album, Ragnarok are also currently in the middle of planning some South American dates later this year. Link

MYRKUR - Debut EP Out Now And Available For Streaming

Denmark based one-woman black metal act Myrkur released today her anticipated debut eponymous EP through Relapse Records and made it available for streaming. Combining the rawness of second wave black metal bands like Ulver and Darkthrone with the natural sonic beauty of Sigur Ros, Myrkur has created a wholly unique perspective on the genre. With a distinct sense of Nordic isolation Myrkur’s debut is a feminine yet definitively brutal record that has burst onto the scene like a Valkyrie into battle. The whole thing is available for streaming and purchasing on Bandcamp, alternatively you can give it a listen below by clicking on play button. Link

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Album of the month - August 2014

Band: The Moon And The Nightspirit
Album title: Holdrejtek
Release date: 15 August 2014
Label: Prophecy Productions/Auerbach Tonträger

Band: Enshine
Album title: Origin
Release date: 15 May 2013
Label: Rain Without End Records/Naturmacht Productions - See more at:
Band: Hanging Garden
Album title: At Every Door
Release date: 21 January 2013
Label: Lifeforce Records - See more at:
Band: Hanging Garden
Album title: At Every Door
Release date: 21 January 2013
Label: Lifeforce Records - See more at:
Band: Hanging Garden
Album title: At Every Door
Release date: 21 January 2013
Label: Lifeforce Records - See more at:
Band: Hanging Garden
Album title: At Every Door
Release date: 21 January 2013
Label: Lifeforce Records - See more at:
Band: Enshine
Album title: Origin
Release date: 15 May 2013
Label: Rain Without End Records/Naturmacht Productions - See more at:

Welcome to the bewitching and magical pagan world of The Moon And The Nightspirit. The Hungarian duo consisting of singer/multiinstrumentalist Ágnes Tóth and lyricist/multiinstrumentalist Mihály Szabó, brought to life in 2003 is back with their fifth studio album named Holdrejtek. In truth there are not enough words in the vocabulary to express the magical entity of their music, but let me tell you that their enchanting and compulsive creations split between medieval, folk, world, pagan and celtic music are simply out of this world. Holdrejtek is absolutely their strongest and most compact release to date, it's thematically based and influenced, like each of their albums, by deep veneration for and love of nature, yet this time approached by much more philosophical and intellectual way and less romantical. Still this doesn't mean that it has lost any of its romantic charm, contrary. The Moon And The Nightspirit can captivate with an interesting sense to compose smooth, yet very rich, almost cinematic ambiances that can be compared in terms of effectiveness to those of Dead Can Dance, but the acts that are stylistically nearest are Norwegians Arcana or Austrians Die Verbannten Kinder Evas. Holdrejtek holds an ancient aura and engulfs its vibe from the ancient folklore and mysticism. It's essence is dark, yet pure, it's elegant and hypnotic in the most audacious way.

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