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Terra Relicta Top 20 Of 2016

01. Apocryphos - Stone Speak
02. Terra Tenebrosa
- The Reverses
03. Wormfood
- L'Envers
04. Sojourner
- Empires Of Ash
05. Aeon Sable
- Hypaerion
06. Syberia
- Resiliency
07. Merciful Nuns
- Thelema VIII
08. The Human Voice
- Silent Heart
09. Sweet Ermengarde
- ExOblivione
10. The Vision Bleak
- The Unknown


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BLOODY HAMMERS - Track From Upcoming Album Available For Streaming

USA based duo Bloody Hammers just unveiled a new track out of the upcoming album entitled Lovely Sort Of Death which will be released on 5th August via Napalm Records.


MÜTTERLEIN - Presents First Music Video

The haunted witch wave French act Mütterlein whose principal creative force is Marion Leclercq (of the cult French act Overmars), recently released the first video clip out of series of music videos...


VANHELGA - Reveals Details And First Track From Upcoming Album

Straddling the line that divides black metal from DSBM, Sweden's Vanhelga are set to release their fourth full-length album this autumn. Titled Ode & Elegy the eleven track album...


NEGURÃ BUNGET - Reveals Details About The New Album, Announces European Tour

Romanian ambient/black/folk metal masters Negură Bunget will release their new album entitled ZI on 30th September. ZI is the second part of the group's ambitious "Transilvanian Trilogy"...


OBED MARSH - Debut Album Out Now And Available For Streaming

Australian doom duo Obed Marsh recently released their debut full-lenght entitled Innsmouth and now made it available for streaming in its entirety...


NIRNAETH - New Video released

Nirnaeth, the French black/death metal outfit just released a new music video for the track "Nihil In Me", taken from their forthcoming split 7" EP with fellow French black metal band Azziard...


KOLHOOSI 13 - New Album Available For Pre-order And First Track Streaming

Cryo Chamber's latest album The Monument Of Power is by the new-comers Kolhoosi 13 who add a martial element to Cryo Chamber's particular brand of cinematic dark ambient.


KHEMMIS - Completes Their Sophomore Album

Denver (USA) based powerful doom metal quartet Khemmis has completed their second full-length album, and is preparing the mighty Hunted for autumn release through 20 Buck Spin.


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In the spotlight


Read the full article to hear an exclusive Taphephobia track "Half The Man", from the upcoming compilation, Terra Relicta Presents: Vol. I Dark Ambient!
Ketil Søraker
has been a key player in the dark ambient genre for the last 15 years. A prolific dark ambient artist, he is one of the most highly revered Nordic ambient musicians in the genre.

Ketil Søraker has a particularly bleak outlook on the world, when it comes to his musical output it can be considered some of the most melancholic and lonely dark ambient in the genre. He has developed a signature sound with his use of guitars and vocals in his take on dark ambient, which gives it an extremely personal touch.

Ketil Søraker was one of the original members of Northaunt, the highly revered polar dark ambient act. In Northaunt, Ketil Søraker and Hærleif Langås constructed soundscapes which embodied the blistering cold and desperate isolation of the far north. Using spoken word, whispered singing, field recordings and any other instruments at their disposal, Northaunt developed a subtle and lonely sound which has resonated through the dark ambient community since its first release The Ominous Silence back in 2001. Yet, after the second Northaunt album, Barren Land, Ketil Søraker parted ways with Northaunt.

A few years of soul searching later, Ketil Søraker returned to the music scene, reinvigorated and prepared to once again leave his mark. Taphephobia was born of this need for a solo dark ambient project. The first album was House Of Memories in 2007, and it was the only effort by Taphephobia which didn't use guitars as the main source of instrumentation. The following albums Anomie and Black City Skyline on Reverse Alignment would solidify the signature sound of Taphephobia, with their heavy use of guitar drone as a basis. Also Ketil Søraker continued to incorporate vocals into the project, similar to the first two Northaunt albums.


Album of the month - June 2016

Band: Apocryphos
Album title: Stone Speak
Release date: 28 June 2016
Label: Cryo Chamber

Apocryphos latest album Stone Speak shows the constant evolution and honing of Kozletsky's techniques coming to its full realization. Stone Speak is Robert C. Kozletsky's most ambitious album to date, with seemingly everything he has learned through all his varied projects coming together to make one magnum opus. Stone Speak brings together the technical precision of Apocryphos' production techniques with the haunted and extremely organic field recordings collected throughout ghost towns in his local Pennsylvania region. Bold use of guitar drone and vocal manipulation bring this album together as something equally familiar and exotic. All this is given the Cryo Chamber treatment, featuring the usual Simon Heath mastering and one of Cryo Chamber's most reflective album covers to date. Kozletsky proves once again that his mark on the dark ambient genre will not be soon forgotten, and he has added an instant classic to an already impressive portfolio. The details are filled out with whispered vocals, guitar drones, field recordings of human movement, groans of some unholy spirits, all come together in a glorious blend of darkness. Listening to this at a high volume, with the mind thoroughly relaxed, all sorts of emotions come forth. No gimmicks or theatrics are used here, giving this album an extremely high replay value. Stone Speak is a must have for any dark ambient fan!

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Video of the week

Frank The Baptist - How Low Are We

Recommended by Terra Relicta

Band: Near Earth Orbit
Album title: End Of All Existence
Release date: 8 May 2015
Label: Solar Lodge

End Of All Existence is not an album about any kind of prophecy, it's an album that gives a dreadful message, it's a digital radio podcast broadcasted from the future and it transmits the inevitable truth about the apocalypse whose date is set, 16th March 2034. End Of All Existence is an audio visual work of art, an imaginary apocalypse movie transformed into sound by two of the most important goth rock artists, Artaud Seth (Garden Of Delight, Merciful Nuns, Lutherion) and Ashley Dayour (Whispers In The Shadow, The Devil & The Universe, Coma Divine,...). Musically End Of All Existence is one of the darkest albums ever released, it's in no way a gothic rock album like somebody could imagine because of both names behind it, neither is some kind of occult dark ambient, "xy" wave album or anything like that, even if the elements of all those genres are all hidden there, but there's much more, it's hardly compared to anything you've heard before.

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