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Terra Relicta Top 20 Of 2014

01. Aeon Sable - Visionaers
02. Whispers In The Shadow -
Beyond The Cycles Of Time
03. Merciful Nuns
- Meteora VII
04. The Devil & The Universe -
Haunted Summer
05. Der Blaue Reiter
- Le Paradis Funebre II - L' Adieu Du Silence     
06. Order Of Isaz -
Seven Years Of Famine
07. The Stompcrash
- Love From Hell    
08. Saigon Blue Rain -
What I Don't See   
09. Alcest
- Shelter          
10. Double Eyelid
- Seven Years  


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Latest News

REACTIVE BLACK - Joins The Deadfall Artist/Band Management Roster

German goth rock/metal duo Reactive Black signed a management deal with Deadfall Artist/Band Management. Reactive Black was founded in 2005 by singer Sassy Skeleton and multiinstrumentalist Rotten in order to describe musically the self-destroying tendencies of human mankind and the dark, too often hidden and repressed aspects of being human without restrictions. Duo's debut album, Upcoming Evil, was released in 2008 as a self-release, their sophomore self-produced album, A New Dawn, hit the market in 2011 through German label Echozone. Now the two are working on their third full-lenght, as well as for the live line-up and a new video is in preparation. You can find out more about Reactive Black at the following link. Link

GRAFVITNIR - Unveils New Track And Reveals Details About Upcoming Album

With a release date set for the 5th of December, Sweden's Carnal Records have today revealed details of the upcoming album from Scandinavian occult black metallers Grafvitnir. The seven track album, entitled Semen Serpentis, will be the band's sophomore full-length release and a follow up to 2012's NâHásh. Grafvitnir themselves have chosen the 22nd November to debut the track "Where Time Has Ceased To Be" from Semen Serpentis,  because that is when the Moon is black in Scorpio. "Where Time Has Ceased To Be" can be heard below. Semen Serpentis deals with the subject of the serpentine bloodline, and artwork and photography for the album are by Occultum. Tracklist and cover artwork are as well below. Link

Semen Serpentis tracklist:
01. Where Time has Ceased To Be
02. Descendants Of The Serpent
03. Av Ormens Blod
04. Sword Of The Damned
05. Poisonous Streams Of Hraunn
06. Seed Of Apep
07. Vilddjurets Återkomst


NOTHING - Announces More Live Dates Across West Coast, New Video Released

Philadelphia (USA) based nihilists Nothing have recently unveiled a new set of 2015 tour dates on the West Coast. These performances begin in Portland on 30th January, then head down the coast to San Diego, hitting a few of California's major cities along the way (check the live dates at this location). Additionally, the band debuted a video for their song "Chloroform". Video was directed and filmed by Don Argott/9.14 Pictures. The track is taken from recently released split EP with Whirr which is available at Bandcamp. Watch the video below. Link

OLD THUNDER - New Song Available For Free Download

Kentucky (USA) based one-man band Old Thunder has made available for free or "name your price" download a brand new track named "…And Your Blood Shall Nourish This Oak". This track follows in the tracks of the foundation laid on the debut EP entitled Slings & Arrows which was released a couple of months ago. Inspired by the story of Absalom in the Old Testament, this new song combines aspects of D-beat, black metal and doom metal to form a sound that is more urgent and visceral than Slings & Arrows while still holding to the foundations of the project’s beginnings. Old Thunder is currently writing new material and plans to record a full-length in 2015. "…And Your Blood Shall Nourish This Oak" is available for download at Bandcamp. Link


INSANITY REIGNS SUPREME - Details Of Upcoming Album Revealed

Belgian black/death metal veterans Insanity Reigns Supreme will release their fourth studio album, Unorthodox, on 16th January via Shiver Records. Unorthodox is the fourth full length album from Belgian cult pact Insanity Reigns Supreme and marks a new chapter of total darkness in the already 25 year long career of the band. The follow-up to 2009’s renowned opus Occultus Insanus Damnatus excitingly combines furious black and death metal with the funeral grimness of doom, that continues to surprise and intrigue the listener in many ways.The duality of human nature and its macabre consequences form Unorthodox’s central theme. Unorthodox was recorded at the Stage One Studios in Germany with Andy Classen, best known for his work with Belphegor, Legion Of The Damned and Destruction. Insanity Reigns Supreme had the following to say: "Work in the studio has never been this intense and needed full input and drive from every band member to pull it off. Andy drove us to our limits and the end product clearly shows this intensity."
The album's artwork was designed by Septicflesh's frontman Seth Siro – and haunting lyrics expose the beast that lives inside all of us. The slipcase version of the album further visualizes man’s grim reality with its two different covers, hidden details and subtle hints. Seth Siro Anton commented: "It's always a dark pleasure to work with Insanity Reigns Supreme. Whilst working on this project, it is without a doubt one of most bizzare artworks I have ever created, while I was trying to explore the great beauty of Grotesque in Dark Art." Tracklist and cover artwork are below. Link

Unorthodox tracklist:
01. The Conjuring
02. Ov Fire
03. Throne Of One
04. Torment
05. Moonlight Sacrifice
06. By The Blood Of The Beast
07. Cursed Be The Faithful
08. The Calling
09. Opposer
10. Satanas Rex Inferis
11. Serpent Ov Fire

THE STRIGAS – Release Brand New Video Clip

Italian Sumi rock influenced band The Strigas released a brand new video clip for the song "Sweet Bitterness" from their latest album A Poisoned Kiss To Reality (you can read the review HERE). "Sweet Bitterness" is a dark, disturbing and powerful video clip, with it subject based on the existential dichotomies of good and bad, life and death and love and hate, all expressed by a relentless succession of scenes and symbols. The video, which you can watch in our player below, was directed, produced and edited by Matteo Diva Fabbiani and Chiara Cerami and the band's frontman and main voice Fabio explained:""Sweet Bitterness" is our shout of refusal against narrowness of mind, it's our Creed. It's one of the most personal songs of the entire album A Poisoned Kiss To Reality. I wrote it thinking about the importance of individuality in a reality that obliges a belonging to a group or to a predetermined mentality". On the note, The Strigas just finished their first tour in 2014, playing in various festivals including the Total Metal Fest 2014  and are ready to tour again in 2015, when we will see them present in various European cities, including Helsinki for Trashfest VII. So stay tuned. Link

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Album of the month - October 2014

Band: Aeon Sable
Album title: Visionaers
Release date: 17 October 2014
Label: Solar Lodge

Band: Enshine
Album title: Origin
Release date: 15 May 2013
Label: Rain Without End Records/Naturmacht Productions - See more at:
Band: Hanging Garden
Album title: At Every Door
Release date: 21 January 2013
Label: Lifeforce Records - See more at:
Band: Hanging Garden
Album title: At Every Door
Release date: 21 January 2013
Label: Lifeforce Records - See more at:
Band: Hanging Garden
Album title: At Every Door
Release date: 21 January 2013
Label: Lifeforce Records - See more at:
Band: Hanging Garden
Album title: At Every Door
Release date: 21 January 2013
Label: Lifeforce Records - See more at:
Band: Enshine
Album title: Origin
Release date: 15 May 2013
Label: Rain Without End Records/Naturmacht Productions - See more at:

Aeon Sable, a name that must already bring shivers to every and each soul fancying dark music out there. The band is one of the most productive and credible bands in the dark rock scene, but not only, with each new release, the German band expands the borders of the genre - let's say gothic rock, even though this is a bit unjust to say so for their musical creations. One year after the stunning "mini" album Aequinoctium Aeon Sable offers an ahead of time album named Visionaers. Aeon Sable become masters in creating vast atmospheric gothic rock soundscapes by making use of elements taken from post-rock and metal, even shoegaze, dark wave and cinematic music. Aeon Sable's fourth album reaches the heights that were set with previous albums, but it goes further. Thankfully also the production, final mix, mastering and artwork concept works in their favour. Visionaers is by all means an album showing now a completely consistent band that's expanding their own artistical limits and with that, maybe even unconsciously, writing the history of the genre, making it modern with an unpretentious approach. A must!

Read a review: Here

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Darkher - Ghost Tears

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