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Terra Relicta webmagazine is an independent website run by volunteers, music enthusiasts and hard working people, yet we love what we do, but you know, the maintenance of the website like this comes with a price tag that is quite high and we are always in a huge financial minus when we pay what's needed to keep it alive. Also the advertising market has gone downhill the last few years, making it very hard to finance a music website like it is Terra Relicta, many other music websites just gave up because of this fact. Ok, we believe that we are doing the right thing, we hope that all of you discovered something interesting in the field of dark music just because of Terra Relicta and this is what keeps us going on. If you like what we do and if you want to see us here still for many years, on a place of the independent music industry, then feel free to donate some money, 1 or 2€ is a price of one cheap coffee, not a lot but it means the whole world to us. You can also support Terra Relicta by spreading our name out to the world, sharing it with your friends, by clickling on our adds, by purchasing music or any other things through Amazon links that are found on the website. If enough is being donated, we will be removing all remaining ads too. They are a necessary evil at this moment, sorry! Thank you for your understanding and we hope to be with you still for a long time. Please support Terra Relicta! Thank you for your donation.