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Los Males Del Mundo - Descent Towards Death (2021) - Review

Band: Los Males Del Mundo
Album title: Descent Towards Death [EP]
Release date: 26th February 2021
Label: Northern Silence Productions
Genre: Melodic Black Metal

01. Falling Into Nothing
02. The Silent Agony
03. Eternal Circle of Vain Efforts
04. Nothing but a Lie
05. The Heavy Burden

" ...but deep down we know that what we call life is merely a slow death..."

The year 2021 has already proved to be very promising for black metal. Excellent albums are releasing, January was very fertile, and this month of February is full of albums so good that it will be difficult for me to select the top 10 albums this month. One of the full-length albums that caught my attention was Descent Towards Death, from the Argentinian band Los Males Del Mundo. The band was formed in 2016 by Dany Tee from bands Acathexis and Downfall Of Nur and Cristian Yans, a guitar master (ex-Eroica). Bassist and producer Nikita Kamprad from the German band Der Weg einer Freiheit joined the band more recently as a guest musician.

In October 2020, they released a promotional self-titled EP comprising almost 17 minutes distributed in two tracks. This EP showed the band capability to bring to the surface a blend of modern black metal with the melodic style from the late 90s, and let me wondering what could come next. Waving with great euphoria, I had the pleasure of listening to the full-length album Descent Towards Death, which will be released on 26th February by the Northern Silence Productions. The album consists of five tracks and lasts 40 minutes. It is a contagious epic aggressiveness, the melody and melancholy strategically interconnected can penetrate the coldest souls who have the opportunity to appreciate this contemporary work of art.

Dany Tee is a born poet. His lyrics based on the works of Friedrich Nietzsche, Emil Cioran and A. Schopenhauer, are an invitation to reflection, very well structured and with really dense and profound messages. Touching deep wounds from a past that is often present in the consequences of our choices and excuses. It is impossible to hear the lyrics and not identify yourself. The vocals are perfect. A mix of absolute high pitched screams and guttural shots, without ever losing magnificence, translating all the agony, pain, horror and sometimes pride that the lyrics contain. By the way, Dany feels the lyrics, and we can notice. Damn Hell!

"Falling Into Nothing" the first track starts with a lot of emotion, the atmosphere is dark, intense and passionate. It is the beginning of a very expressive journey. The subsequent tracks prove my words. None of the tracks loses their spell, but all of them are enchanted and play an extremely relevant role in the album context. In addition to the heavy and furious contextual violence, I was surrounded by masterly performed melodic guitar solos. During the 40 minutes of the album, there are variations in the tempo and rhythm of the songs.

All instrumental (bass, guitar and drums) and of course, the perfect vocals, characterize Descent Towards Death as a unique, pervasive and one of the best February black metal albums. As if the music was not remarkable enough cover art was meticulously chosen and undoubtedly represents all the content emotions. The responsible for this expressive artwork is Matt Lombard, taken it from the “Dementia Series”. In the words of Matt Lombard himself, his art is a reflection of the darker side of human nature. I actually cannot imagine a more appropriate cover art for Descent Towards Death. Also, I recommend you to take a peek at the works of this artist at this location.

Los Males Del Mundo is a band that deserves congratulations for bringing an inflamed and fierce black metal, methodically strong and melodic, with atmospheric tones and sometimes with hints of slightly doom metal. If you like consistent albums, structurally well built, and where a commitment of all involved is expressed with mastery, you shouldn't miss the release of Descent Towards Death.

The review was written by Felin Frost
Rating: 9/10