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SUPERLYNX - Inked A Deal With Dark Essence Records

Dark Essence Records have inked a deal with the Norwegian doom/psych trio Superlynx and are set to release what will be the band's sophomore full-length album in the early part of 2019.
If you were to ask Superlynx about musical influences their answer would be something pretty much along the lines of “the sum of all the different music we all listen to and are inspired by”, as opposed to specific bands. Doom, stoner rock, drone, psych, shoegaze, metal, old blues, jazz and classic rock all play a part in inspiring Superlynx, whose members have a lot of music in common, but also their own, individual musical influences which they bring to the table. Superlynx follows no rules other than what sounds awesome and feels right.
Formed in 2013 by drummer Ole Teigen and bassist/vocalist Pia Isaksen, it had always been Superlynx's intention to remain a duo, but a meeting with guitarist Daniel Bakken, coupled with his performance during rehearsals, changed all that. It was clear that he belonged in the band and Superlynx became a fully-fledged trio.
Superlynx is definitely a band that enjoys performing live, known for an ability to deliver powerful and atmospheric shows. They will be bringing their heavy, hypnotic, stage show to next year's legendary Inferno Metal Festival in Oslo on the 19th April 2019.
In the meantime you can get a taste of Superlynx via a new video by Carl Eek Torgersen which shows the band during rehearsals performing three songs from their 2016 debut album LVX. More informations about Superlynx can be found at the following link. Link