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BLACK WIDOW RECORDS - To Release A Tribute Album To Death SS

Black Widow Records have announced that they will release the long awaited compilation album, Terror Tales - A Tribute To Death SS, on 31st October. On this tribute album 35 bands pay homage to one of the most important Italian metal bands Death SS.
Black Widow Records comments: "In 2000, in collaboration with Steve Sylvester, we released the first tribute album to an Italian band. Beyond The Realm Of Death SS, available as CD and 2LP, made us very happy and we did not expect the Vol. 2. But 18 years later we are releasing a new chapter, dedicated to this special and fascinating band. Thanks to their irresistible, devastating and esoteric songs and terrifying and extraordinary shows, Death SS influenced hundreds of Italian and international acts. Death SS wrote an important page of heavy metal history. Terror Tales is more complete and richer than the previous one and it features 3 CD's and 4 LP's, along with a limited edition and special contents for the most dedicated fans. We got tons of requests from bands worldwide. Death SS always gets a lot of exciting and disconcerting responses, and we are sure that also this release will do the same in Italy and abroad. We are proud of this release because we know that Steve Sylvester respects us. He is an unique artist and we consider him a very good friend. LET THE SABBAT GO ON".
Death SS frontman Steve Sylvester adds: "In 2017 Death SS celebrated their 40th anniversary. Our friends at Black Widow Records gifted us with this brand new tribute album, the follow up of Beyond The Realms Of Death SS, successfully released 18 years ago. We are very proud of this release and we supported them. We did not expect to get so many requests from Italian and international bands. The project has been delayed for almost one year in order to manage everything at the best. I've listened to most part of the tracks in advance and I think the quality is unexpected! Each band gathered a side of our sound and developed it in a very original way. I want to thank Massimo, Pino and everybody at Black Widow Records and especially the 35 bands that honoured us, delivering this great opus! Satanic Blessings to you all!!!". Link

Terror Tales - A Tribute To Death SS tracklist:
01. SIGH with STEVE SYLVESTER - Violet Ouverture
02. BLEEDING FIST - Black And Violet
03. DENIAL OF GOD - Terror
04. NOKTURNAL MORTUM - Family Vault
05. NORTHWINDS - Lilith
06. DARK QUARTERER - Scarlet Woman
07. VAREGO - Cursed Mama
08. EVIL SPIRIT - Horrible Eyes
09. ALBERT BELL'S SACRO SANCTUS - The Shrine In The Gloom
10. WATAIN - Chains Of Death
11. PROCESSION - Darkest Night
12. HALL OF GLASS - Devil's Graal
13. BULLDOZER - Murder Angel
14. BLACK OATH - The Seventh Seal
15. THE MUGSHOTS feat. MORTIIS - In The Darkness
17. DOOMRAISER - The Night Of The Witch
19. BLUE DAWN - Zombi
21. EPITAPH - The Bones And The Grave
22. SLAP GURU - Profanation
23. IL SEGNO DEL COMANDO - Another Life
24. NIBIRU - Schizophrenic
25. SHADOWS OF STEEL - Heavy Demons
26. MEGATHERIUM - Ogre's Lullaby
27. DAMNATION GALLERY - Cannibal Queen
28. VOID MOON - Dionysos
29. ANAEL - Black Mummy
30. WITCHES OF DOOM - Kings Of Evil
31. VAMPYROMORPHA - Agreement With The Devil
32. KALEIDON - Let The Sabbat Begin
34. FORGOTTEN TOMB - Where Have You Gone?
35. SPACE GOD RITUAL - Black Mummy