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LORD SHADES - New Album Out In December, Details Revealed

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French black/death metallers Lord Shades will release their third album entitled The Uprising Of Namwell on 8th December as a self-release. After The Downfall Of Firë-Enmek and The Rise of Meldral-Nok, Lord Shades proudly present their third album, The Uprising Of Namwell, the final part of the trilogy recounting the story of its hapless wandering hero named Lord Shades.
There was a time when there were three worlds: Firë-Enmek, the land of Mortals and a land of suffering; Namwell, a land of bliss and harmony; and Meldral-Nok, a cursed land where only chaos and fire prevailed.
Consisting in a mixture of black and death metal tinged with sometimes gloomy and brutal atmospheres, sometimes dreamy and melancholic passages, Lord Shades’ music is enriched with sophisticated symphonic orchestrations, original traditional instruments, as well as a choir that was especially gathered for this album. Now an end is put to this amazing journey narrated by an original and inspired tale worthy of the most timeless epics. Will Lord Shades find his own self again and thereby find out who he really is? Will he achieve his quest at last and live in peace again? Link

The Uprising Of Namwell tracklist:
01. Beyond The Wall Of Sleep
02. Nightly Visions
03. The Dark Host
04. The Gift
05. Woe to The (Vae Solis)
06. The Revenge Of Namwell
07. The Awakening
08. A New Dawn