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SAGITTARIUS - New EP Out In September, Available For Full Streaming

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Five years after the release of the third full-length album, The Kingdom Come, a new Sagittarius release is scheduled for autumn 2017. The upcoming EP entitled Aithiopis is a six-track tone poem, taking its title from one of the lost parts of the "Epic Cycle", a large collection of eight Ancient Greek poems telling the story of the Trojan War, of which only the "Iliad" and the "Odyssey", both attributed to Homer, survived the stream of history. For this release, Sagittarius is joined by Acherontas V.Priest (Acherontas, Shibalba) on vocals, a dear friend of Sagittarius for many years. Aithiopis will hit the stores on 22nd September, but is already available for full streaming in the player below. The first print of Aithiopis will be released under the band’s own imprint Die Neue Runde in a specially designed limited edition of 100 hand-numbered copies. Enjoy in this masterpiece of apocalyptic/neoclassical folk music made in Germany!
In other news, Sagittarius will release later this year or in early 2018 a new album entitled Lieder von Traum und Tod. The mastermind behind Sagittarius Cornelius Waldner commented: "There were two options - either to make one long full-length, consisting of Aithiopis and a second part, Lieder von Traum und Tod ("Songs of Dream and Death"), but since both parts differ in style too much, I decided to make two releases instead. Lieder von Traum und Tod will be a full-lenght however." Link