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VOND - Long Out Of Print Albums To Be Re-Released By Funeral Industries

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After 20 years of silence, Vond, the 90s side project once deemed “the darker side of Mortiis”, just reemerged via Germany’s Funeral Industries. The releases include reissues of three long-out-of-print albums - Selvmord, The Dark River and Green Eyed Demon - and one compilation, known as AIDS To The People, made up tracks from previously released and unreleased singles.
“It´s a bit weird, how Mortiis in the 2000´s, as a concept, became what Vond would naturally have turned into if I had allowed it to continue, and not killed it dead around 1997. Vond, in the midst of Mortiis “Era 1” and it´s otherworldly focus, was my window, albeit stained and blurred, to the world. It was how I learned to hate everything, and most of all myself. I like to think I saved myself from the worst of it, after long years of personal darkness. I guess Vond is kind of where it all started, where it all began to manifest itself… The Demons are Back”, recalls Mortiis. These re-releases are available from the Mortiis webstores on LP and CD at this location. Listen in the player below to the album, Green Eyed Demon, which was originally released back in 1997. Link