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ACHERONTAS - Sign With Agonia Records, Will Re-Release Vamachara

Greek occult black metallers with ritual and 70's rock influences Acherontas, have signed a new record deal with Agonia Records. The band returned to the label after their 2011 departure, having previously released the EP Hermeticis and studio album Vamachara (both in 2011). The latter is going to be re-released on vinyl on 31st August, along with a rare demo and new cover made by Viktoria Polikarpova  of Visionis Phosphorescent. The band is also is currently working on its next studio album, that is supposed by be finished in February of 2018. To date, the group released six full-length albums, with Amarta अमर्त from this year being the last of them. The band commented: "During the creation of the second part of Reptilian Unification the synaxis of Acherontas also compiled the bases and foundations for the third one. Now we work on the final touches to accomplish the utmost forms and complete the trilogy gloriously. In December we enter the studio again to record the final part, which will be revealed on the solstice of 2018. A circle of creation closes and a new epoch begins. Spirit Above Matter!". On the meaning of Acherontas, the band added (original spelling): "Acherontas is a Magickal Coven Dedicated to the Ancient Summerian Mysteries of Drakonian Blood. Many Traditions embraced these Ancient sources as footprints and take form in our Void as Astral Vampirism, Hermeticism, Kabbalah, Dream Workings and Luciferian Magick. True Sorcery is not an Art, it's science...We are Real to Those with Eyes to see... ". Stay tuned for more details of their upcoming work. Link

Vamachara re-release tracklist:
01. Opening The Eye Of The Storm
02. Blood Current Illumination
03. Αβραξας
04. Vamachara
05. Ohm Krim Kali
06. Beyond The Mazeways To Ophidian Gnosis
07. Drakonian Womb (Double Mem And Single Aleph)
Worship demo:
08. Dark Endless
09. Through The Dark Age We Are Dreaming
10. Pagan Warriors
11. Worship