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MR. KRISTOPHER - New EP Out Now And Available For Full Streaming

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Mutligenre electronic music producer Mr. Kristopher has teamed with Europe based Jet Set Trash Records to release his newest EP, Communion. Communion fuses high energy electro house with heavy industrial sensibilities to create a deliciously dark raver experience.
Mr. Kristopher comments: "The textbook definition of communion is “sharing or exchanging intimate thoughts or feelings, especially when the exchange is on a mental or spiritual level.” I figured that is exactly what I am doing with my music. I hope you enjoy my intimate thoughts on a mental or spiritual level!"
Mult-various electronic music composer, producer, and instrumentalist Kristopher J. Gray, aka Mr. Kristopher, raises the levels of frequency in a colossal way. With a punk-metal background informing his darkly unique tone and energy, eclectic experimentation with natural ambient sounds—traveling the ocean and mountains to record almost all of his music with distorted sounds from nature and polished production quality, Mr. Kristopher is breaking barriers with his electronic licks, core riffs, and hip-hop kicks that delivers an all-out head banging bass experience. Listen to the whole EP in the player below. Link