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TERRA RELICTA DARK MUSIC AWARDS 2016 - Preliminary Round Is Over, Finalists Revealed

The Preliminary Round of our annual competition, Terra Relicta Dark Music Awards 2016, has finished. Thanks to all of you who voted for your favorite albums, your response was just amazing!
To refresh everything: From Wednesday 18th January 2017 until Wednesday 1st February 2017 you had a chance to vote for your favorite album in the preliminary round of Terra Relicta Dark Music Awards 2016. We had nine preliminary groups with seven albums in each one plus a "write in vote" group where you had a chance to add your favorite dark album that wasn't selected by us. From each Preliminary Group two albums with biggest amount of votes made it into the finals. Also congratulations to all those bands that didn't made it into the decisive round, some of those albums missed the finals for just one or a couple of votes. The distribution of all votes in the preliminaries will be made public when the finals are over. Check it out who are the 20 finalists below or see it for yourself who made it from each group by clicking on the following link. The voting starts in the Finals starts on Friday 3rd February 2017 and ends on Wednesday 15th February 2017. Link

Terra Relicta Dark Music Awards 2016 Finalists are (in alphabetical order):
01. Aeon Sable - Hypaerion
02. Alcest - Kodama
03. Apocryphos - Stone Speak
04. Apoptygma Berzerk - Exit Popularity Contest
05. Devilment - II-The Mephisto Waltzes
06. Heavenwood - The Tarot Of The Bohemians – Part 1
07. In the Woods... - Pure
08. Katatonia - The Fall Of Hearts
09. Merciful Nuns - Thelema VIII
10. Mist Of Misery - Absence
11. NU:N - Naked Until Noema
12. Sojourner - Empires Of Ash
13. Sweet Ermengarde - Ex Oblivione
14. The Beauty Of Gemina - Minor Sun
15. The Last Cry - Goodbye
16. The Mission - Another Fall From Grace
17. Trees Of Eternity - Hour Of The Nightingale
18. Vanha - Within The Mist Of Sorrow
19. Wolcensmen - Songs From The Fyrgen
20. Wormfood - L'Envers

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