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SOLEMN EMBRACE - Debut Album Released On Fledgling Label, Cromlech Records

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Solemn Embrace is the new dark ambient project of Arne Weinberg, better known for his other dark ambient project Valanx. On Arc, his debut album, Arne Weinberg puts aside the computer workstation and creates and album which is strictly produced by a Eurorack modular synth system. This narrows the sound palette. But it opens up the Solemn Embrace sound to a deeper level of scrutiny. Each layer has the perfect texture. Intricately designed drones make up the base of Arc, yet they have enough energy to keep the listener entertained. Arc is the very first release on Arne Weinberg's new record label, Cromlech Records. Arc is released digitally as well as in a limited edition of 150 4-panel digi-wallets. Link.