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ACHERONTE - Debut Album Out In June

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Ready for some in-your-face black metal? Italian demons Acheronte will release on 13th June via Satanath Records their debut album entitled Ancient Furies. Ancient Furies is a concept album about death and a ruthless ancient monarch. 7 songs for 7 monarchs, 7 monarchs for 7 furies. Though raw and abrasive, the riffs are chunkier and the rhythm section more pummeling than the primal, basement recording style of some of their other black metal brethren. They're fast, tight, catchy, mean as hell, and their black metal whirlwind is about as metal as it gets. Album is available for pre-orders at this location. In the player below you can give a listen to the album opening track named "Addicted To War (Assurnasirpal II)". Link