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ALPHAXONE - New Album Out Soon, Track Available For Streaming

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There's dark ambient even in Tehran (Iran) and its representative is Alphaxone. Now Alphaxone is back with his third album, entitled Absence Of Motion, which will be out via Cryo Chamber on 25th August. Absence Of Motion is a truly moving experience with smooth reverbs, multi-layered ambience and intricate subtle compositions. Alphaxone sets a new bar for himself when it comes to production quality, recommended for spacefaring audiophiles. The man behind Alphaxone is Mehdi Saleh who also produced the album, mastering and artwork was done by Simon Heath (Atrium Carceri, Sabled Sun). Below you can give a listen to the "Intro" track of the album. Pre-orders are available at this location. Link

Absence Of Motion tracklist:
01. Intro
02. Appearance
03. Long Eternity
04. Space Continuum
05. Dark Geometry
06. Celestial
07. Inner Horizon
08. X-land
09. Close