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THERION - New Video Marking The Final Part Of Art Project Released

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The masters of symphonic metal Therion have released a video clip for the track "Initials BB", taken from 2013's album Les Fleurs du Mal. The video is the final part of the Art Project. Therion's mastermind Christofer Johnsson commented: "90% or more of the viewers aren’t gonna understand the meaning of it, just like with the previous Les Fleurs du Mal related videos. No matter if you like, dislike or feel nothing about this clip, please do me a favour and share the clip all of you. You sharing it will be the final act of the Art Project. The Art Project is hereby ended. I have explained some small things about it in the Secrets Revealed on the latest DVD and in interviews. I have started to write a short book about the rest of it for those who are interested. It has been an interesting experience. Maybe I do something similar for the 50 year anniversary. Now I just look forward to work hard on finishing the Rock Opera this year." Video was directed by Carlos Toro at Abysmo Productions and you can watch it below. Link