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MIST OF DEAD END - Exclusive First Details About Debut EP 'Never Explain Anything'

French post-apocalyptic rockers Mist Of Dead End (MoDE) will release in spring 2015 their debut EP entitled  Never Explain Anything. Recording, mixing and mastering was done by Drop (Sybreed, MXD) at Downtone Studio Geneva, Switzerland. Cover artwork was done by Erik Burton Kirchner Art. Both singles, "Summerfrost" and "The Depths" that were previously premiered right here on Terra Relicta will be featured on the EP as well. Tracklist and cover artwork (click on the picture to enlarge) are below, but please read what MoDE's drummer/programmer Ben Marmier exclusively commented for our website:
"Never Explain Anything is the title of our debut EP. It is divided in two parts, like A-Side and B-Side of an old vinyl record. Our “A-Side” contains the two singles “Summerfrost” and “The Depths” that we already talked about on Terra Relicta earlier this year. The “B-Side” is slightly different in its approach, it starts with an orchestration of a monologue from the movie Dark City (“Dr Schreber”). Actually this is an intro for the song “Patient Zero”. Literature is very important in our inspiration, especially HP Lovecraft work, but also movies as you can see, everything that can feed our imaginary in fact, especially when its weird, dark or simply off the wall. “Patient Zero” is the second song on the B-Side but it is also the last one we have created. This is a powerful song, it is more electronic and industrial than the 2 singles, also kind of an experimentation, I assume the finish of this song will change a bit during the recording in January as we will try a few things and record real drum tracks and additional guitars on it. Arnaud did an amazing work on it, you can expect some nervous and straight vocals. And finally the 2 last songs are in fact 2 parts of a same long piece. “Artefact” is kind of a weird ambient journey, this was also the first song our new guitarist Florian worked on, and he did an amazing work on the harmony which improve the weirdness and put a strange feeling in it. “tcafetrA” is the final song on the EP, the end of the journey, it is electronic, ambient, with a little industrial touch. I would say that the first part of the EP takes its roots in the rock and metal music and the second one is rather inspired by electronic ambient and industrial music. The common denominator is the MoDE touch, the blend of different genres of music, and the weirdness you can find in each song, none of them were created to be a stereotype of commercial songs, it is the opposite, we did what we wanted, with no constraints. I'd like to finish this introduction with a quote by HP Lovecraft which resume very well our intention: The Oldest and Strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown." Link

Never Explain Anything [EP] tracklist:
01. The Depths
02. Summerfrost
03. Dr Schreber [intro]
04. Patient Zero
05. Artefact
06. tcafetrA