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IMMORTAL – Details About Legal Battle Over The Band Name Publically Revealed

The legendary black metallers Immortal found themselves in an awkward position, which called for non-other than legal help. The group's frontman Abbath (Olve Eikemo) has attempted to claim rights to the Immortal name and logo via his sole proprietorship Eikemo Compositions, but his application has been stopped by a lawyer representing the band's former lyricist/guitarist Demonaz (Harald Nævdal) and drummer Horgh (Reidar Horghagen), who want the Immortal trademark to be shared by all threee of them. Demonaz and Horgh's attorney cites section 21 of the Norwegian Trademarks Act, which states (briefly put) that when involved cannot come to an agreement over the rights, the Norwegian Industrial Property Office shall examine the case. Abbath then replied in an open letter to Norwegian Trademarks Act that (again, we will shorten the story for you) he thought Demonaz and Horgh left Immortal earlier this year after they moved out of the band's rehearsal room and stopped paying their share of the rent expenses. He stated that both of them informed Abbath that they wanted to take a break and stopped paying the rent for their rehearsal room, so he considered them out of the band. In addition, he also claimed that he himself as Immortal's composer and frontman, he is basically a synonymous with the band and that, as a professional musician, he is dependent on revenue generated by Immortal and he cannot afford to take a break with the band. In his letter he also revealed a band is contracted to deliver a new album via Nuclear Blast and that Abbath has almost completely finished working on this album with the help of other musicians. Demonaz then stated both he and his lawyer saw the letter and that it contains false information, so he will pursue his way. So, there it is: another black metal drama, which probably won't see and end quite swiftly, so get your pop corn and make yourselfves ready for the sequel. Link