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MOMENTUM - Inked A Record Deal With Dark Essence Records

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Dark Essence Records have inked a deal with Iceland's atmospheric post-rock/doom band Momentum and are preparing to release the band's sophomore full-length album, The Freak Is Alive, on a date as yet to be announced. Momentum were formed in 2003 and started as a black/death metal project. Bands debut full lenght album, Fixation, At Rest, appeared in 2010, the band had left its roots behind and developed an identity all of its own, which, with the upcoming The Freak Is Alive album, frontman Holaf has taken even further, using his artwork, lyrics and concept to carry listeners on a surreal journey through the subconscious mind, leading them along paths that allow them to interpret for themselves what they are seeing and hearing. With a lineup that includes Holaf on vocals, bass and sitar, Ingvar Sæmundsson on guitar and vocals, Kristján Einar Guðmundsson on drums, and Sigurður Árni Jónsson on guitar and vocals, Momentum is a band that excels at merging atmospheric post-rock, reminiscent of Isis and Cult Of Luna, together with a level of bone-crushing heaviness broken up by soft singing and relaxed clean passages, intense vocals layered over discordant, staccato bursts, and mingling with eerie sound textures that explode into high-impact power chords, which bring to mind the work of Neurosis. The first album titled single is available for streaming online for quite some time now and you can give it a listen below. Link