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MEGATON LEVIATHAN - Sophomore Album Out In September

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Psychedelic doom act Megaton Leviathan announced the release of sophomore full-lenght album next month via Seventh Rule Records. The band is standing in stark contrast to the droning, gorgeous slabs of psychedelic and atmospherically infused doom that comprise the aural output, the band itself has been in a constant state of flux since its inception in 2007. By the end of 2012, despite the official announcement of a new album, not only that album, but the fate of the entire project itself were positioned beneath a very precariously dangled sword. Circumstance and internal conflict nearly saw the band's next major release a specter with no corporeal form. However, after a redoubling of effort, a reshuffling of the deck and some inevitable missteps along the way, Megaton Leviathan's second full length album, Past 21: Beyond The Arctic Cell, has emerged from the chaos of its birth pangs, prepared to thoroughly swath a blazing path through the dense forest of the modern musical landscape. Album was mixed by Mort Subite (V.I.I.R.L., Alfheimr, Benighted In Sodom,...). Past 21: Beyond The Arctic Cell will be released via Seventh Rule Recordings on 9th September, 2014. Further info including track teasers to be unveiled in the coming weeks. Tracklist and cover artwork are below. Link

Past 21: Beyond The Arctic Cell tracklist:
01. Past 21
02. The Foolish Man
03. Arctic Cell
04. Here Come The Tears