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THE SIRENS – Kari Rueslåtten, Anneke Van Giersbergen And Liv Kristine Live On Tour

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If you're a fan of female fronted bands, then you certainly know who these three ladies are. Kari Rueslåtten established herself in the Norwegian based band The 3rd And The Mortal, Anneke Van Giersbergen was once the face and voice of Dutch experimental band The Gathering, who also proved her immense talent and charisma by collaborating with Moonspell, Ayreon, Anathema, Within Temptation and Devin Townsend among others. And you probably remember Liv Kristine Espenaes Krull as once being the angelic voice of Theatre Of Tragedy, and now the first lady of symphonic metal band Leaves' Eyes. All three of them also established successful solo careers. The idea of The Sirens arose in the early 2013, when Anneke approached Kari, proposing the idea of them doing a duet for Anneke's album Drive, with which Anneke wanted to pay homage to Kari. The song didn't make it to the album, as it didn’t fit the overall ambient, but the two singers remained friends. After that, Liv Kristine and Anneke met at the Masters Of Rock festival in Czech Republic and briefly talked about them possibly performing together in the future. As Kari was also on the board with the three of them joining on stage, The Sirens were born. The concept of this collaboration is to perform live shows, where all three all them will be performing the songs of The 3rd And The Mortal, The Gathering and Theatre Of Tragedy, entwined with repertoire from their solo careers. On these shows you’ll be seeing and hearing these three amazing vocalists singing as soloists, as well as in duets and as a trio, giving the audience over a 100 minute drive down the highway of nostalgia. Anneke stated on the project: ''The female fronted scene has become so big all over the world, sometimes it's hard to believe the three of us were at the very beginning of it. I am very proud of that. Without intentionally wanting to start a new genre, our bands made it okay to sound and look as a girl singer on a metal stage. It was all very new and exciting. I think the tour is great to, in a way, celebrate those early days now that a third-wave of bands is appearing on the scene. I'm looking forward to it a lot. Making music with kindred spirits is such a wonderful feeling. I also love harmonizing with more than one singer on stage, so that will be a cool aspect of the show as well." Liv Kristine's words on how Anneke approached her with the idea: ''We had a few minutes only to talk in between our gigs, but we agreed that we really should get together and tour. We both had to smile then, thinking that we were, with Kari, the 'originals' within our scene. Moreover, all three of us being mothers and still highly busy in music and art. Anneke told me that she had just talked to Kari, and that was the 'go' for The Sirens. The fans have been waiting for this for years and years, I can't wait to share stage with Kari and Anneke. They are absolutely lovely and we have so much in common. This is a kind of magic." And how did Kari, whom both - Anneke and Liv Kristine - listed as a big influence, react? "I find it hard to believe that I once inspired them, but if so it is truly flattering. It is a fantastic feeling to know that I will be singing live with two such amazing vocalists!" For fans who are nostalgically missing the good old days of female fronted metal, these live shows, some taking part on festivals and some as solo performances, will be a must. If you want to see them live, check the dates for the live shows and stayed tuned, as more dates will be announced. Link

14.10.2014 Germany, Bonn, Harmonie
15.10.2014 France, Colmar, Le Grillen
16.10.2014 United Kingdom, London, Proud
18.10.2014 Belgium,  Wieze, Metal Female Voices Fest
17.12.2014 The Netherlands, Zoetermeer, Boerderij
18.12.2014 Germany, Jena, F-Haus
19.12.2014 Germany, Nagold, Alte Seminarturnhalle
20.12.2014 France, Paris, Divan Du Monde