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PLEBEIAN GRANDSTAND - Upcoming Sophomore Album Available For Streaming

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Four years after How Hate Is Hard To Define and a pair of splits, here's the long-awaited second full-length from Toulouse, France's Plebeian Grandstand. Album entitled Lowgazers marks another impressive step in the band's quest of total aural devastation : armed with new drummer Ivo (Stuntman, PAL,...), the four-piece picks the most dissonant and experimental aspects of black metal, hardcore and sludge to create an unreal vortex of desolation.
From the first notes of "Thrvst", the band reaches new heights of intensity, switching from inhuman blast beats to slow-motion torture, while unorthodox guitar work and painfully shrieked vocals tear the listener from all quarters. Recorded and mixed by Amaury Sauvé (Birds In Row, Calvaiire, Death Engine,...) then mastered at New Alliance East (Converge, Gaza, Xasthur), Lowgazers's sounds commensurate to the band's vision, being a ruthless demonstration of power as well as an untouchable pinnacle in extreme music hybridization. Album will be released on 31st March via next labels: Lost Pilgrims Records, Basement Apes Industries, Gains of Sand, Throatruiner Records, BLWBCK and The Lamp Foundation on many different editions, like 180 gram double vinyl, CD and tape version. Lowgazers is already available for streaming and pre-order at Bandcamp, but you can give it a listen below. Link