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GANDREID - Debut Album Out In December

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Norwegian blackened atmospheric folk/viking metal duo Gandreid are about to release their debut album entitled Nordens Skalder on 30th December via Naturmacht Productions/Rain Without End Records. This album is all about the dedication to the extreme atmospheric black/folk metal genre. The inspiration comes from within: the dark side of the human mind, nature, national romanticism and the love for Norway’s pagan heritage and the northern mythological history. The music on Nordens Skalder proclaims and contains a mesmerizing, dark and aggressive journey conjured forth by the musical reflection of the band members inner selves/souls.
Gandreid distances from religious and political ideologies, they were formed in 2011 as studio project by Dáublódir. He dug up and blew some dust off old ideas from the period between 1999-2002 and was joined by his brother Johnny Misjeon (synth). Listen below to the song "Blodstyrt, Endelikt og Velklang". Link