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NETRA - Collaborative EP With We'rewolves Released

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A strange and unexpected collaboration between the black metal/trip-hop hybrid Netra and the unconventional rap duo We'rewolves has led to the creation and release of a new digital EP entitled Dreading Consciousness. Like the previous two Netra albums also this EP has been released through Hypnotic Dirge Records and is available as a free digital download from Bandcamp. Of course many listeners will be surprised from what they'll hear, here the stylistic instrumentation of trip-hop with the occasional foray into a black metal sound is surprisingly fitting with the lyrics and themes presented within. Though possibly unexpected, it can be said with a certain degree of confidence that you have not heard anything like this before. This EP has the potential to be totally polarizing but fans of music who explore various genres might very well consider this essential. Listen to Dreading Consciousness below and decide for yourself. Link