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LEILA ABDUL-RAUF - Premieres Video For Track From Her Recently Released Album

California-based Leila Abdul-Rauf today premieres the track "Distortions In Phantasy I: Lure" found on her cinematic fourth solo album, Phantasiai, released in mid-July, and is now awaiting its...


NYTT LAND - Releases New Album And Haunting Video And Announces Exclusive Live Stream Concert

With the new album Ritual being unveiled to the world this Friday, 6 August via Napalm Records, Nytt Land offers another glimpse into its haunting and unique world of shamanic dark folk.


ARGESH - Announces Debut Album And Unleashes Short Vocal Performance Video

The Italian act Argesh will release its debut album Excommunica on 14 September through Nero Corvino as a digipak CD limited to 300 copies. The album will be distributed digitally by Sepulchral Silence.


ALTARS OF THE MOON - Current And Former Members Of Uada, Chrome Waves, Wolvhammer, And More Collaborate On Brahmastra

What does the vast majesty of isolation sound like? Born of the idea to craft a single piece of sonic destruction, Altars Of The Moon was conceptualized in the mind of Nate Verschoor (Uada) during the initial...


KAYO DOT - Announces New Album And Releases New Single

Kayo Dot are now revealing their epic and melancholic video single on nature's reclaiming of the urban world, entitled "Void In Virgo (The Nature Of Sacrifice)" and taken from their forthcoming album...


MITOCHONDRIAL SUN - Releases an EP, Two Tracks Already Streaming

Mitochondrial Sun, the solo project by former Dark Tranquillity guitarist Niklas Sundin will release the Bodies And Gold EP on 10 September via Argonauta Records, strictly limited on vinyl and as digital formats.


SCHAVOT - A Brand New Black Metal Project Announces The Release Date Of A Debut Album And Premieres The First Track

On 1 October Schavot, the brand-new project by Floris (Asgrauw, Meslamtaea and Sagenland), shall release its debut Galgenbrok through Void Wanderer Productions & War Productions...


COSMIC BURIAL - Sophomore Album Out In September; First Track Unleashed

Purity Through Fire sets the 30th of September as the international release date for Cosmic Burial's highly anticipated second album, the past. Cosmic Burial is the sole work of erstwhile...


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The USA based ambient/industrial, neo-folk solo act None - a tribute to all the divine - was founded in 2015 by musician and songwriter Nicholas Mendiola (Ex-Plague Phalanx, Thangorodrim and Awakened Abyss). For Nicholas, None is the deity of his creation and the eternal version of himself. As he had stated for the interview (webzine From Corners Unknown), the purpose and mission of his contemporary life were to discover himself as the true voice and host that None speaks through - and to leave the word and mark of None upon the world not only to affect other present beings of the earth and multiverse but to leave traces for future lives to again discover their true identity.

None's music will be presented on the radio show [Dark] UNKNOWN this Thursday, 3 June at 22.00 [CEST] on Terra Relicta radio.


In the spotlight


Terra Relicta Dark Music Web Magazine and Radio zealously present their two new compilations, In Sickness We Reign and Sleep Of Morpheus Spell, released on 21 June 2021, on Bandcamp (name your price). The first appeal for music submissions was launched on 9 March 2021, and by the end of May, we received over 60 tracks, only a few genres unfitting. Most of the tracks were made exclusively for the compilations, previously unreleased or rare - submitted by established artists and newcomers with the purpose to promote dark music, the participating artists and Terra Relicta Dark Music Web Magazine and Radio.


TERRA RELICTA - Presents Compilation 'Sleep Of Morpheus Spell' Released On Bandcamp

Terra Relicta Dark Music Web Magazine and Radio zealously present their new dark ambient, dungeon synth, post-industrial, martial, neoclassical, dark electronic and related music compilation, Sleep Of Morpheus Spell. The compilation consists of 43 tracks with a playing time of 4 hours and 55 minutes. Most of the tracks were made exclusively for this compilation, previously unreleased or rare - submitted by established artists and newcomers. Its purpose is to promote the above-mentioned genres, the participating artists and Terra Relicta Dark Music Web Magazine and Radio. It's download free, which doesn't mean we hate money.  Actually, Terra Relicta needs money to develop in order to serve the promotion of the dark music scene even better. If you prefer to donate to Terra Relicta, you can do it here We will appreciate any sum. Thank you in advance, and enjoy your favourite and exclusive tracks. And, keep following Terra Relicta. Cheers!
Curated by: Jerneja Grilj and Tomaz V. for Terra Relicta Dark Music Web Magazine and Radio
Mastered by: Tomaz V.
Photography by: Tomaz V.
Cover Art by: Jerneja Grilj

The compilation Sleep Of Morpheus Spell is available on Bandcamp from today, June 21, 2021.

Sleep Of Morpheus Spell tracklist:
01. Ruins Of Xibalba - Reverie
02. Dead Man's Hill - The Abyss Within
03. Dead Man's Hill - The Darkest Desire
04. La Fiesta Triste - El Cristal Que Nos Separa
05. Psionic Asylum - Visions On The Old Train
06. Taphephobia - Last Year's Lighthouse
07. Mindsection - Trøllabundin (Eivør cover - feat. Léa D.)
08. Febrvvm - Carving Your Headstone
09. Febrvvm - Homesick Without A Home
10. Bmike - Not Alone On This Ship
11. Cadlag - Eucyrtidium Hexagonatum
12. Insectarium - Hagridden
13. VBFMP - Mezma 2
14. Taurwen - Goddess
15. Winterstille - Und Sie Tanzten (Instrumental edit)
16. Settore Giada - Money Talks
17. Out Of Hell - Lovecraft’s Death
18. Out Of Hell - Arkham
19. Scott Lawlor - Ghosts In The Test Laboratory
20. Tarme Til Alle - Bare Life
21. Tir - The Song Of The Cosmos Is Heard From Persepolis
22. Tir - Majestic Emperor
23. Blind At The Wheel - The Mainframe
24. Kuggur - Íslenskt Iðnaðarþjóðfélag
25. Dead Industrie 2.0 - Breathing
26. Dead Industrie 2.0 - Covid19-2020
27. FHTH - Decline Of Civilization
28. Korax Mvd - Conexión (Terra Remix)
29. Sumatran Black - Oceans Of Malachite
30. Vortex - Abra Melin
31. Broken-Form - Midnight Moon
32. La Fin Absolue Du Monde - Vault
33. None - Battlefields: The New Dark Gospel
34. Svasti - Belua
35. Snowbeasts - Forest Of Decay
36. Zumaia - Yant3
37. Long The Night - Brighter Than Now
38. Venus - Dione
39. PureH - Novaya Zemlya
40. Sinister Device - I Can't Kill You Twice
41. Steller Skrivner - Along The Chasm
42. Urku Llanthu - Yawar Uya
43. Dödsrike - Klamra (Part II)

Video of the week

Insectarium - Hagridden