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DEMONIC SLAUGHTER - New Album Out In April And Song Streaming Online

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Polish black metallers Demonic Slaughter will release their new, fourth studio album Downfall on 10th April via Pagan Records. The band is one of the most respected black metal acts in their homeland Poland and it features members of acclaimed Polish bands as Abusiveness, Blaze Of perdition and Xaos Oblivion. Their musical output is clearly inspired by Norwegian black metal from early 90's, yet with their own ideas, but don't expect any keyboards or female vocals. The new album Downfall, representing band’s continued path of worshipping the old gods of Norwegian Black Metal, is by far is the most mature and accomplished material written by the band to this date. It consists of eight songs of cold, raw Black Metal with grim aura. Demonic Slaughter delivers their requiem in honor of the final darkness and collapse of the mankind. Below you can listen to the song "Lightbringer - The Architect", taken from new album. Link