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ECLIPSER - Unleashes The First Single From New EP

Eclipser unleashes the first single from upcoming EP Pages out 28 May. Pages is a dark and brooding sojourn through dissonant soundscapes that write with negativity and melody. The EP primarily resides in the black metal realm however, Eclipser also writes using techniques that are found in death metal, and even a bit of grindcore and maintain a formulaic style. According to guitarist/vocalist Ryan Menard, he personally strives to master what he does rather than trying to do it all. Eclipser was founded in 2017 by Ryan Menard (guitars/vocals) and Christopher Joyal (drums), they are recommended for fans of Ulcerate, and Deathspell Omega. Today, the band presents their first single from Pages, entitled "To Never Wake Again", the track is two and half minutes into the depths of uncertainty while enjoying both a pristine and bludgeoning experience of extreme metal.
"To Never Wake Again depicts the life-denying voice of reason that manifests internally when one’s existence is reduced to meaningless suffering. A depressive mentality that justifies taking the ultimate easy way out, offering the afflicted the suggestion of a painless solution. This song is the lowest point of the record, with punishing riffs and an overall negative atmosphere that builds towards a soulful and cathartic guitar solo. In short, we’re bringing the bad vibes." adds Menard. Check it out... Link