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Random album

EOLIAN EMPIRE - New Compilation Of Portland Based Bands

Portland (USA) based extreme outsider label Eolian Empire, which recently came out of hibernation is about to release a label compilation entitled Keep Our Heads. As the label states this is their most ambitious and dedicated project so far. Keep Our Heads compilation will feature 26 Portland based bands with 99 minutes of music. The tiny D.I.Y. label more focused on maintaining a kinship with their regional underground music scene than obtaining national acts or breaking into charts, the clan at Eolian has literally dedicated thousands of hours to arranging, collecting, compiling, mixing and preparing this massive offering of what they consider the best of their local underground, with Keep Our Heads. Aligning metal, sludge, doom, prog, punk, rock, thrash, hardcore, noise and unclassifiable anti-genre acts from across the region. Practically all the tracks were recorded specially for this release. Keep Our Heads features acts: Acre, The Ax, Big Black Cloud, Crag Dweller, Diesto, Drunk Dad, Fist Fite, Gaytheist, Gone To Croatoan, Honduran, Hot Victory, Humours, Ix, LKN, Lord Dying, Nasalrod, Norska, Order Of The Gash, Palo Verde, Prizehog, Rabbits, Redneck, Sei Hexe, Sioux, Tiny Knives, and Towers. The comp will see release digitally and on a limited-run cassette on 1st May 2013, the cassette run including both a digital download and a slick beer koozie. Link

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