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STRAWBERRY PILLS - Debut Album Out Now, Streaming In Full, New Video Released

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Greek goth/synth duo Strawberry Pills has just released their debut album titled Murder To A Beat via Inner Ear Records. The gothy synth duo from Athens (consisting of Valisia Odell and Antonis Konstantaras) explore the full spectrum of the dark sound and create tracks inspired mainly by the 80s minimal movement and post punk, with a few electric and goth elements added.

Murder To A Beat is lyrically heavily influenced by everyday life in the city of Athens, social issues and added to the violent turns that love and romance can take. The tension and the brooding feel of the arrangement and Valisia's deep, distant vocals make it the perfect soundtrack for a film noir or a crime fiction film.

The album title is inspired by the queen of crime, Agatha Christie. The idea is that right before a live performance Strawberry Pills were poisoned, but by whom? Who of all of their songs protagonists did it...?

Valisia and Antonis describe the album as: "Murder Τo Α Beat is like an audio contemporary mystery and crime anthology. Every track takes place in its own dark, enigmatic and cynic universe. Nothing is what it seems. For us, Strawberry Pills is a multifaceted project with a clear, minimal and commanding approach both in the music and the aesthetics. Somehow, we manage to construct our own intriguing world with its own visual and musical landscape. Murder To A Beat, just like a telephone and its incessant ringing in the dark, represents a real threat. The air is charged with suspense and danger."

The entire album is available for streaming and you can hear it in the player below, as well you can watch recently released nice video for the album opener "The Voyeur". Link