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SAMMAS' EQUINOX - Stream The Entire Upcoming Debut Album

Finnish black metal mystics Sammas' Equinox are streaming the entirety of their debut album, Tulikehrät, set for international release on 28th September via Signal Rex. Tulikehrät circulates around the distinctual manifestations of Fire & Will as they present themselves almost in a dreamy, pre-historical context and working on both micro- and macrocosmical levels of existence.

Although Sammas' Equinox origin remains a mystery, the first public recording arrived in 2016, with the title of Pilgrimage. That demo was followed a year later by another demo, Boahjenásti. Between the two, the duo exhibited the stultifying rawness that has come to mark much Finnish black metal in the post-Strength & Honour landscape, but more importantly did Sammas' Equinox evince a uniquely atmospheric aspect, both in the band's bittersweet melodicism and their deftly subtle approach to sound layering. Later compiled together onto CD by Signal Rex in 2019, those seven songs comprising their oeuvre to date burned with a filthy intensity in the best Finnish tradition, yet just as equally exuded a somber, even tender quality that suggested their journey to the stars has just started.

Despite being proudly and purely black metal, the sonic frontiers Sammas' Equinox here are exploring similarly transcend those of the mongrel hordes harboring under the wider "black metal" umbrella. The mastering job of the new album is  courtesy of Moonsorrow's Henri Sorvali that heightens this dynamic with no small amount of magick. Free your mind and the spirit will follow. Sammas' Equinox open the portals for you, and one needs only step inside Tulikehrät to experience splendors beyond compare... Listen to the entire thing in the player below. Link