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HANORMALE - New Album Out In January, Making Of Video Released

Italian experimental black metal act Hanormale have released a new making of new album video. Hanormale, like in the previous work, Amaterasu Omikami, included in this new release the great percussionist Jeko, from the industrial band Progetto Sperimentale Infonebbia.
Once again, Jeko will juggle with unconventional percussion. Hanormale found the right creative figure in Azzam bells and his hand-made instruments, evocative and ritual sounds. In this video, which you can watch in the player below, Jeko is recording percussion 'Sfera6' by Azzam bells, during a track of the new album, which tells of a Japanese legend where a fox takes revenge of a hunter who killed his puppies, disguising himself as a monk.
Jeko declares: "First of all, I thank Arcanus Incubus for getting me involved in this new album after the crazy experience of Amaterasu Omikami. In this case the experience was different, I did not have to abandon myself to improvisation but rather follow pre-existing lines using one instrument that I never been played before, that fantastic Azzam bells Sfera6. The confidence in the producer Carlo Meroni is unconditional, so I was sure the result would be great, and so it was."
Hanormale will release their new album, Reborn In Butterfly, in January 2019 via Dusktone. Stay tuned for more updates! Link