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NEAR EARTH ORBIT - Exclusive Pre-Listening Premiere Of "The End (Transmitter Remix)"

Epilogue (2034-03-16, 1am CET)   A warning from the future:
This is a digital radio transmission from the year 2034. We have managed to build a device, which enables us to transmit a simple audio signal back into the past. By the time this frequency reaches your time we will no longer be alive. Please do not ignore the warnings from this channel! Make the leaders of your world aware of the impending threat. The Gods are about to return!

Near Earth Orbit, a new musical collaboration of two real masters and legends of gothic rock, Artaud Seth (Garden Of Delight, Merciful Nuns, Lutherion) and Ashley Dayour (Whispers In The Shadow, The Devil & The Universe, Coma Divine,...), is about to release the debut album entitled End Of All Existence on 8th May via Solar Lodge (Merciful Nuns, Aeon Sable, Whispers In The Shadow, Opened Paradise,...). This is not only an audio, but as well a visual oeuvre from the two sound architects, it is by no means an easy undertaking to assess and evaluate End Of All Existence, especially when one considers that the revelation of too much subject matter would invariably spoil the pleasure derived from the concept of visualised hearing. Those among you who have been consummately taken by the projects (incarnations) of Dayour and Seth respectively thus far need not rely on the following critique, but instead can mark the release date in their calendar and expect to receive one of the biggest blockbusters of the year.
End Of All Existence is a window to the sub-consciousness; even though its story line is quite simple and straightforward. Our time on Earth is coming to an end. The signs are there for all to see, clear and unambiguous.  Natural disasters are on the increase, mass coronal ejections from the sun bombard Earth’s atmosphere, global warming is gathering apace and mankind is hell bent on self-destruction, waging wars for the last remaining resources under the banner of religious pretence. A team of scientists and explorers discover - close to our nearest companion: the Moon - a wormhole (the Einstein-Rosen bridge), suspected to provide a link to a distant galaxy with habitable planets. A coded signal emanating from this “bridge” for quite some time now announces the return of the so-called Trans Human Earth Migration (T.H.E.M.).  Whilst it is conceivably possible to decode this message the leaders of our nations have refrained from releasing this warning to the wider population; certain in the knowledge that the only option for humankind was an unrealisable escape into the farther reaches of deep space.
Terra Relicta Webmagazine has teamed up with Artaud and Ashley to give you an exclusive pre-listening premiere of the track "The End (Transmitter Remix)", taken from the upcoming album. Now, get the signal from the future and dive into this apocalyptic doom and uncompromising loneliness.


Near Earth Orbit links: Official website, Facebook

Near Earth Orbit - End Of All Existence pre-order

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