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Dark Music Awards 2015 - Preliminary Group 07


Preliminary round is over!  Final round starts on Wednesday 3rd February 2016!
Finalists from the Preliminary Group 7 are:

Enshine - Singularity
Orkan - Livlaus

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Full results and distribution of votes will be visible when the final round ends, on Wednesday 17th February.

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Awards 2015 - Preliminary Group 7

Vote for your favourite album in Preliminary Group 7

Orkan - Livlaus
Enshine - Singularity
Hearts Of Black ScienceSignal
Weeping Silence - Opus IV Oblivion
Born For Bliss - Falling Back To Never
Arcturus - Arcturian
A Swarm Of The Sun - The Rifts
The vote is already over! It ended on Tuesday, 02.February 2016 (00:00).

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A Swarm Of The Sun - The Rifts:
Bleak and beautiful journey through the innermost landscapes of the heart and soul. A brooding album about losing hope, dreams falling apart, isolation and final moments of clarity and redemption. Unquestionably, this is the band's darkest and most emotional album to date. A Swarm Of The Sun created one hell of massive, cinematic and pummeling sound; a foreboding and ritualistic exorcism of the emotional truths it aims to convey.

Arcturus - Arcturian:
With so many various elements being intensified to its maximum point, Arcturian is all in all a straight-forward, extremely cohesive and swirling work of art. Its core may be askew, but its atmosphere stretches from ghastly to romantic, from stygian to lucent and is from the first to the last note deeply vigorous. And from such established musicians, who all have long running careers in the various departments of (mostly black) metal scene, you can't expect anything less, because they are the masters of how to build the grandeur sound, without making it suffocating. [Review]

Born For Bliss - Falling Back To Never:
Falling Back To Never is like a story told in twelve chapters, with sound that is somehow complex, constantly divided between the emotional, gentle, atmospheric new wave sound, and the one a bit more hypnotic, but still there's not a single second on it where it loses its extraordinary pathos. Born For Bliss combine the catchiness of pop music with alternative indie rock, new wave, also with some gothic rock, dark wave, electronic and even post-rock. Albums like this are rarely released these days. A proper masterpiece! [Review]

Enshine - Singularity:
Singularity is an album mostly for those who like to be overtaken by stunning melodic and spacey guitar lines. Jari and Sébastien made an album that is a decent successor to their magnificient debut and a solid continuation of the story that started with genesis on Origin, now going into the most complex processes of life formations, into new worlds of mind and space. Singularity is a very strong album; one of the best choices you can make while searching for some good atmospheric and melodic doom/death metal. [Review]

Hearts Of Black Science – Signal:
Hearts Of Black Science made a little treasure that just waits to be discovered. It's one of those albums that has that rare power to captivate in an instant and this initial enthusiasm doesn't fade after countless spins. In its essence Hearts Of Black Science are nothing but an atmospheric-electronic-pop act, but with additions of elements from post-rock, gothic, dream-pop, indie-pop, industrial, shoegaze and yet much more, the sound becomes a fantastic captivating journey into dreamlands. [Review]

Orkan - Livlaus:
Norwegian black metal outfit Orkan are back with their sophomore album named Livlaus, three years after the release of their debut Crimson Canvas. Livlaus is on excellent opus and it was worth waiting for it. First of all Orkan is unquestionably quintessentional black metal, but other influences are woren in a marvelous way, ranging from thrash to almost black'n'roll elements. Livlaus is a strong contender for many "Best of 2015" lists. [Review]

Weeping Silence - Opus IV Oblivion:
Weeping Silence did a very good job on this album. It's absolutely their best one. On most of the songs all of the elements blended so very well together that it's hard to be picky about it if you like the genre. Opus IV Oblivion is a proof that they deserve all the attention from gothic/doom metal fans and they should be now considered as one of the elite. With such a combination of powerful instrumentation, great vocals and dreamy gothic atmospheres you really can't go wrong. [Review]



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