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Dark Music Awards 2015 - Preliminary Group 01


Preliminary round is over!  Final round starts on Wednesday 3rd February 2016!
Finalists from the Preliminary Group 1 are:

Chelsea Wolfe - Abyss
Hanging Garden - Blackout Whiteout

Enter the finals HERE!

Full results and distribution of votes will be visible when the final round ends, on Wednesday 17th February.

Uncategorized Tomaz 5 Years ago
Awards 2015 - Preliminary Group 1

Vote for your favourite album in Preliminary Group 1

Hanging Garden - Blackout Whiteout
Chelsea Wolfe - Abyss
Hidden By Ivy - Acedia
Selvans - Lupercalia
Secrets Of The Moon - Sun
Marilyn Manson - The Pale Emperor
Frank The Baptist - As The Camp Burns
The vote is already over! It ended on Tuesday, 02.February 2016 (00:00).

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Chelsea Wolfe - Abyss:
The Abyss is where Chelsea Wolfe is the most comfortable and we hear on this album a true vision of what it is like in that darkness. There are many memorable tracks here and they will stay interesting for many replays. Great production value matched with a raw beauty and intensity make for a masterpiece. [Review]

Frank The Baptist - As The Camp Burns:
The legendary Frank The Baptist shows with the highly anticipated 4th album some stunning gothic/post-punk pieces and maybe their best work to date. On As The Camp Burns Frank The Baptist sounds more energetic, emotional, with more atmosphere and true rocking intensity in the music than ever before.

Hanging Garden - Blackout Whiteout:
The new album of Finns Hanging Garden is all about melancholic and heavy music. What they already shown on previous album, they intensified into heights that is hard to imagine. Blackout Whiteout is so very emotional, soothing mix of doom, post-metal/rock, acoustic folk elements and a pinch of melodic death metal, that must take the listener out of this space and time.

Hidden By Ivy - Acedia:
Acedia is a blistering attack for your senses. It has so much emotion, meditative soundscapes, melancholic catchy melodies and heartrending vocal arrangements that is hard not to be overwhelmed by it. The musical output of Hidden By Ivy is hard to put in brackets, but what those two artists do is certainly giving some shivers down the spine with their incredible sense to compose refined and highly emotive music. [Review]

Marilyn Manson - The Pale Emperor:
Antichrist superstar is no more. This is the era of the pale emperor. Marilyn Manson has slowly been stripping down the dense, industrial effects of his music through the 2010's and The Pale Emperor is as bare naked as it gets. The industrial metal features are only slightly present at some occasions, but other than that, this album is a raw and organic, blues oriented alternative rock sonic masterpiece. [Review]

Secrets Of The Moon - Sun:
Secrets Of The Moon never repeated what they did before and Sun is without doubt band's boldest and most intense album to date. While black metal is here more as a dogma, post-metal, dark metal, progressive metal, gothic, doom and atmospheric metal took the lead. Secrets Of The Moon is a band that is in constant evolution and it's hard to imagine how to go further from here. [Review]

Selvans - Lupercalia:
Italy based duet Selvans excelled in creating most atmospheric, haunting and mesmerizing version of pagan/folk black metal. Oozing with mysticism, Lupercalia varies from being beautifully theatrical to delivering raw black metal experience.


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