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Coma. - dR_own [EP] - Song by song & Exclusive premiere of "Overflow (feat. Narbengrund)"


The Austrian outfit Coma. are no more strangers in the field of experimental, yet depressive and avantgarde black metal. The band which was formed in 2012 released so far some demos, EP, a couple of singles and soon there will be out the new EP entitled dR_own, plus there's a debut album in the making. The upcoming EP is without doubt the most perfective and as well the heaviest release from Coma. so far. The band is lead by charismatic Vøid (synths, vocals, additional percussion), and together with Spectre (bass, additional vocals), Shødan Armada (guitars), Cpt.Carnage (guitars) and Moloch (drums), they are on a mission to shock the world with their intriguing musical genre crossover, but as well their attitude, weird image, provocative lyrics, extreme live shows and by not beign burdened by any genre limits, got quite a reputation in the dark music corners. If you want to know a bit more about the band you can read the interview with Vøid and Spectre at this location. Now, we are offering you a song by song commentary of the EP dR_own written for Terra Relicta by nobody else than Vøid, together with the exclusive premiere streaming of the track "Overflow" which features as a guest vocalist Narbengrund from German symphonic black metallers Totengeflüster.

Song by song commentary by: Vøid
Edited by: T.V.

Release date: TBA 2015
Label: Self-released

dR_own [EP] tracklist:
01. disappear
02. Access
03. Overflow (feat. Narbengrund)
04. Dehumanize
05. Aphenphosmphobia

1. disappear
I wanted to start the EP with something that sets the mood and prepares for the rest of the record. Starting with some reverse pianos. The song talks about a woman who tries to keep someone from hanging himself.

2. Access

This track is everything Coma. is about these days. It hits you in the face, fast, heavy, always with some synths in the background. I really like the way the bridge blends into the guitar-driven heaviness, and the Chorus is just huge. The lyrics revolve around the topic of being/feeling alone, the frustration and the pain of being trapped inside his/her own mind.

3. Overflow

This one is my favourite track, it's based on a bass-riff Spectre wrote during rehearsals. The synth mostly plays unisono, adding further attack to it. Also, our friend Narbengrund from Totengeflüster is featured on this song, which adds another dimension to the vocals. Definitely a beast. "Overflow" also features a lot of occult symbolism and deals with emptiness and sadism... topics that weren't present that much in our earlier releases.


4. Dehumanize

When I started to write songs as Coma. back in 2012, this was one of the first songs I created. The process of fitting it to our current style and making it comfortable for everyone involved took weeks, though I don't know exactly why. "Dehumanize" starts off with a rather long intro/mood-setter, including ambiences, soundeffects and tribal-like drums. After the drop into the guitar-driven part of the track, it just keeps that level of insanity until the very end, when the outro surprises with some harmonies. The lyrics are expressing despair, sadness. Personally, I wrote it with a certain feeling in my mind, I wanted to express the process of loosing humanity and faith.

05. Aphenphosmphobia

Ending the EP is another ambient-song that features some noise-effects and a distorted piano... Kinda like the last thoughts of the person which wanted to hang itself during "disappear". I wanted to create some sort of full-circle experience, to symbolize the "downward spiral"-theme of the EP.

Coma. links: Facebook, Bandcamp


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