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Autumn's Grey Solace - Interview

Interview with: Erin Welton
Conducted by: T.V.

St. Augustine, Florida (USA) based duo Autumn's Grey Solace are one of those special and unique acts in the ethereal/dark wave/dream pop/shoegaze waters that are many times noted as a fount of influence for many newcomers. The story begun in the year 2000 when multiinstrumentalist/composer Scott Ferrell and vocalist/lyricist Erin Welton formed the band. In 2002 the two released their debut album, by many still consiodered as a classic of the genre, Within The Depths Of A Darkened Forest, and soon after that signed to Projekt Records. Autumn's Grey Solace today has in its discography seven full lenght albums, a couple of compilations, best-of releases, many features in compilations of which the most significant is the Summoning Of The Muse - A Tribute To Dead Can Dance where Autumn's Grey Solace were present with the cover of "Musica Eternal". Their last album, Divinian, was released in 2012 and now the two are busy working on the next release. Gorgeus singer Erin Welton was kind enough and gave us some short but to the point answers. Read below what the blond haired siren revealed...

T.V.: How would you describe Autum's Grey Solace to someone who never heard about it before?
Erin: Autumn's Grey Solace is genuine heartfelt music with ethereal vocals and lush crystalline guitars. It's beautiful with feeling and energy.
T.V.: Most of your fans have been seduced by your voice and a special way of singing. Who's your main ispiration and have you studied it or took any singing lessons?
Erin: I'm inspired by many different singers like Lisa Gerarrd, Morrissey, and Madonna to name a few. I haven't had any vocal training, I'm completely self taught. When I make vocal melodies, I just do what sounds and feels right.
T.V.: It's somehow hard to believe that... Recently you announced that a new EP is on the way and that you are experimenting with new sounds... Any words about it and is there any major stylistical change in sound to be expected?
Erin: I haven't recorded all of the vocals yet, but so far I am using a little more vibrato when I sing. I'm also being creative with how my vocal melodies follow the progressions of the music. The guitar is more effected and experimental than ever. It's really pure and expressive.
T.V.: Can you already reveal us any other details about the forthcoming EP, like the title, release date or something?
Erin: Can't reveal much because the forthcoming EP is not even halfway done at this point, so I don't have any details other than we are taking a slightly different approach with making it. The guitars are different, with really emotional progressions which help me to sing unique melodies. Our goal is to release it by the end of 2014.
T.V.: On your latest releases I noticed that there was more ethereal vibe present and less dark wave. How is with this on new songs?
Erin: The new songs will be ethereal, with lots of lush guitars and ethereal vocals.
T.V.: What can you tell me about your label Projekt records?
Erin: We were first signed to Projekt 10 years ago and they have helped our music reach many new fans.
T.V.: But, the new EP will be still released by the same label, Projekt records, right?
Erin: Yes. But to tell you the truth we are not completely sure that we will release an EP, it may end up being a full length album after all, we will see.
T.V.: It's pretty obvious that nature itself with all its wonders must be one of the biggest inspirations for Autumn's Grey Solace. Am I right?
Erin: You are right. Nature has been a big inspiration for many of the songs on our albums, and maybe on this new one as well.
T.V.: Because of the nature of your singing it's a bit difficult to understand the lyrics of yours. Can you give us some words about this matter? Where do the ideas and inspiration come from?
Erin: I write lyrics using many sources of inspiration. Sometimes it's nature, my own experiences or they may even be about someone else.
T.V.: It's pretty obvious that you enjoy the process of making video clips. Any new in preparation and who directed those already made?

Erin: The videos seem to be a good way to get people to hear the music. Our channel is: There is a video for "Mystify" coming soon. Scott has directed all of our videos so far.
T.V.: Since now Autumn's Grey Solace released seven albums and I wonder which one is the one closest to your heart and why?
Erin: Over The Ocean.... because there are many songs on that album that have deep personal meaning to me.
T.V.: Have you ever had any live show?
Erin: Not really, but in the beginning we practiced live in front of people to work out our songs because we had limited recording equipment.
T.V.: But have you ever thought to start having a real live concerts?
Erin: We have tried to get musicians together to form a backing band in the past, but it just never worked out.
T.V.: Some years ago you did a cover of Dead Can Dance's song "Musica Eternal". Have you thought to make any other cover song in the future?
Erin: Maybe, if another tribute album is made to a band we are inspired by.
T.V.: You must enjoy taking a role as a photo model. Are you doing this also outside Autumn's Grey Solace?
Erin: So far I do it just for Autumn's Grey Solace. I like to be a part of creating imagery to go with our music, especially on some of the album covers.
T.V.: Are you and Scott also involved in any other musical projects or bands?
Erin: Scott has always just focused on Autumn's Grey Solace. In the past I have done some studio session vocal work for movies and a virtual instrument. I get an overwhelming amount of requests to collaborate with other musicians, but I really only have time for Autumn's Grey Solace.
T.V.: Riverine, Eifelian, Divinian, Winterrim and some other album titles are very mystical and interesting. Can you reveal us their right meanings and is there anything deeper in those?
Erin: "Winterrim" means "a number of years" in Old English, which describes the collection of songs which were recorded over several years. The album "Divinian" was named after the song "Divinian" from that album, and many of the songs have divine qualities so it became a concept for the whole album. "Eifelian" is part of the concept of ancient time periods on that album, and "Riverine" means "resembling a river" which became a concept for that album.
T.V.: Ok, Erin. Thank you very much for those answers, still, is there anything you would like to say at the end?
Erin: Yes, we are still going strong and recording new music, so please follow us at our official sites. Thanks for listening!

Autumn's Grey Solace links: Official website, Facebook, Bandcamp