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The USA based ambient/industrial, neo-folk solo act None - a tribute to all the divine - was founded in 2015 by musician and songwriter Nicholas Mendiola (Ex-Plague Phalanx, Thangorodrim and Awakened Abyss). For Nicholas, None is the deity of his creation and the eternal version of himself. As he had stated for the interview (webzine From Corners Unknown), the purpose and mission of his contemporary life were to discover himself as the true voice and host that None speaks through - and to leave the word and mark of None upon the world not only to affect other present beings of the earth and multiverse but to leave traces for future lives to again discover their true identity. Like the omnipotent gods of other's previous worship, None requires supreme devotion and all of the words spoken by Nicholas; his thoughts, actions, experiences, and memories become one with the legacy of None. It is the duty of the prophet to carry this torch in his present time and into the next - past, present, future forever. And this is what None gives on the stage; absolute devotion to the divine and eternal legacy by those who will die for it.

In October 2017, None self-released its first single, "When The End Will Come", followed by another, titled "Past Tense", about three months later, both included in the EP Infernal Temples Of The Meditant, released in May 2018. The four-track EP presented a unique mixture of multiple diverse genres of music, including black metal and noise. Another single of a wide range of genres got released at the end of 2018. "Battlefields"  - featured guest vocals by Bloodcrown of occult rock band Thangorodrim - gained more attention as well as a small handful of interviews for the new movement before then being met with yet another single release entitled "Chaining Ethereal Comatose" in the early months of 2019. This new track, unlike the previous, had featured live drumming, cohesive lyric lines, and a new psychedelic circulation with the addition of guitarist S.K.B (also of occult rock band Thangorodrim) on the guest lead guitar solo following an entrancing bass guitar lead section. "Chaining Ethereal Comatose" had been the first track that None had recorded at District Recorders, which was notable in production and mastering.

The "Never Know" single, released in March 2020, features guest appearances by John Bradford Schuler (Crepuscle, Nerve Exposure, Warscythe) on session drums and Patrick Corona (Rivers Of Nihil) on the saxophone solo and is dedicated to our entrance into the new decade. In October of the same year, a cover of "Erase" by horror/hardcore/punk band Kettle Cadaver got unleashed. Now, None is preparing for his next campaign with his newest musical creation - the six-track Interdimensional War Poetry, set to be released on 4 June. It's more or less all about "this world being bunch of nothing"...
Follow the [Dark] UNKNOWN and be prepared for the bitter truth with None, this Thursday, 3 June at 22.00 [CEST] on Terra Relicta radio.

None discography:
- When The End Will Come [Single] (2017)
- Past Tense [Single] (2018)
- Infernal Temples Of The Meditant [EP] (2018)
- Battlefields [Single] (2018)
- Chaining Ethereal Comatose [Single] (2019)
- Never Know [Single] (2020)
- Erase [Single] (2020)
- Interdimensional War Poetry (2021)

None links: Official website, Facebook, Instagram, Bandcamp, YouTube.

None's music will be presented on the radio show [Dark] UNKNOWN this Thursday, 3 June at 22.00 [CEST] on Terra Relicta radio.

Written/edited by Jerneja