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Sombria is an international dark/doom melancholic metal project formed in 2019 by singer/songwriter  Dimi De San aka "Valentina Devin" and guitarist/composer  "Seven Raven" featuring members from Greece, Norway and Mexico. Before Sombria- this dramatic and full of emotions project was formed both Dimi De San and Seven Raven have already been engaged in music for several years. They collaborated with big names of the metal industry such as Toni Lindgren from Fascination Street Studios and Fredrik Nordström, Bjorn "Speed" Strid of Soilwork, drummer Markus "Makka" Freiwald of Sodom, as well as with great artists and directors like Seth Siro Anthon (Septic Flesh, Paradise Lost, Moonspell,...), Gogo Melone (Aeonian Sorrow) and Matthias Kolleg (Kreator, Lacrimosa,...). Both have also been featured in various magazines and numerous tv and web shows.

Dimi De San had also been leading the band Caelestia, which she formed in 2012 and left due to Sombria project. The idea for the project emerged in 2019 during Dimi De San's successful tour with Norwegian bands Vulture Industries, Helheim and Madder Mortem. One of Sombria's purposes is- besides creating music, acting and dancing, raising the awareness of sensitive subjects like child poverty,  environmental issues, equality, taboo topics etc., as well as it is focusing on helping people in need as much as possible.

In 2020 Sombria first released two singles "Sarcophagus Of Roses" and "Voyage Into Lethe", followed by debut full-length album Chirographon Dei, released on 27 November 2020 via Finnish label Inverse Records.

Chirographon Dei consists of nine songs, all composed, recorded, mixed and mastered by Seven Raven in his studio. Lyrics and artwork were created by Dimi De San (Valentina Devin- for Sombria's purposes). Sombria also released both singles music videos, just recently "Ballet Of Sadness" music video, and is planning to release some more of them soon.

On a first hit, Sombria has some resemblance with Nightwish, but just in this melodic/symphonic atmosphere, yet the atmosphere is much darker and mysterious. Tune in to [Dark] UNKNOWN this Thursday at 22.00 [CET], be seduced by Valentina Devin's beautiful versatile voice, and perhaps become a new fan of this young, dark and promising project- Sombria.

Line-up: Valentina Devin (vocals), Raven Seven (guitars), Lucien Keir (guitars), Saber Thorn (bass), Winter Cain (drums)

Sombria links: Official website, Facebook, Bandcamp, Instagram

SOMBRIA's music will be presented in the radio show [Dark] UNKNOWN this Thursday, 18 February at 22.00 (CET) on Terra Relicta Radio.

Edited by Jerneja