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Belgian act Your Life On Hold was found by John Wolf in 2017, after he has been producing electronic music for over 20 years, and got bored by the knobs and buttons of machines and computers. So he bought himself some new guitars instead and started experimenting in the studio. This adventure became a real quest for sound. While drenching the guitars in dreamy ambient effects, John Wolf finally forged a new sound that would become the blueprint of the melancholic Your Life On Hold music. And his raspy, deep, emotional, sometimes distant, but powerful and unique voice, is the perfect finalization of his modern compositions.

In September 2017 his soaring, gloomy, overall melancholic, but powerful debut album Burning For The Ancient Connection saw the light of day. It served with this characteristic sound, that cannot be mistaken with any other band in the genre, even though some influences from well-established bands such as The Sisters Of Mercy, The Cult, Fields Of The Nephilim and The Cure, cannot be denied. Dreamy and atmospheric guitars inject brightness and colours into the dark compositions, while a tight and solid rock sound sometimes turns the melancholy into an angry, harder wall of sound, that Your Life On Hold defines as post-goth because of the rich array of influences and textures, bringing the classic gothic rock sound to a new level. In November 2018 a sophomore album My Name Is Legion For We Are Many followed, which, in comparison to the first album, offered more metallic, harder, darker, guitar more driven and sometimes more atmospheric sound, including some toying with shoegazing.

In April 2020 Your Life On Hold released three tracks Lockdown EP, and six months later another full-length album Echoes From The Bardo, again via Solar Lodge. The Bardo is the Tibetan term for the Buddhistic ‘intermediate state’ between death and reincarnation. But in this narrative, the concept was torn free from the Tibetan or any other religious interpretation. In that way, the Bardo becomes a metaphor for the main idea behind Your Life On Hold, the in-between world, where dreams and fears are stuck together, that psychological no-man’s-land between different life stages, between relationships, between darker days and better days. Nine pure gothic rock tracks persuade to a journey through the Bardo, through the barren land of the lonely soul. All songs hold different ideas and thoughts as if they were broken dreams, carefully repaired with golden glue. It’s the shining light hidden in the dark, holding things together. On this album, Your Life On Hold chose a classic gothic rock sound, dark but melodic. Tune in to Terra Relicta radio this Thursday, follow the [Dark] Unknown, and fear not to enter the Bardo...

"Everyday starts the same
Up and ready for another game
Every time that same old story
Reaching out for that promised glory
It’s a game I’ll never win
Because I’m way too scared to begin."
(from ‘Save Me From The Void’)

Your Life On Hold discography:
- Burning For The Ancient Connection (2017)
- My Name Is Legion For We Are Many (2018)
Lockdown EP (2020)
Echoes From The Bardo (2020)

Your Life On Hold is: John Wolf (words and music)
On stage, Your Life On Hold is a full combo of six bringing the gothic rock sound to life.

Your Life On Hold links: Official website, Facebook, Instagram, Bandcamp

Your Life On Hold's music will be presented in the radio show [Dark] UNKNOWN this Thursday, 11 February at 22.00 (CET) on Terra Relicta Radio.

Edited by Jerneja