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Terra Relicta Top 20 Of 2018

01. Amorphis -
Queen Of Time
02. Dimmu Borgir -
03. Khôrada - Salt
04. Immortal -
Northern Chaos Gods
05. MGT -
Gemini Nyte
06. Summoning -
With Doom We Come
07. Crone -
08. Primordial -
Exile Amongst The Ruins
09. Atrium Carceri & Herbst9 -
Ur Djupan Dal
10. Mournful Congregation -
The Incubus Of Karma


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Xaemora - Pandemonium's Ocean (2017) - Review

Band: Xaemora
Album title: Pandemonium's Ocean
Release date: 27 October 2017
Label: Black Market Metal Label

01. Beneath Frozen Tombs
02. MSB
03. Wrist Slitter
04. Pandemonium's Ocean
05. Lament
06. Elegy
07. Altars

Emerging from St. Louis, Missouri (USA), Xaemora presents us their full-length debut album, Pandemonium's Ocean. Playing around the scene since 2012, Xaemora brings in the luggage a demo released in 2013 and two EP's, Kingdom Venom I (2014) and Kingdom Venom II (2016). Kingdom Venom I and the successor Kingdom Venom II were very well received by fans of melancholic black metal. The bands line-up has changed along the years, but now the talented musicians together are Hartväig playing guitar, next to vocalist/guitarist Dreathus, known also to be a part of Incineration, Unburied, Tyranny Enthroned and Splatter Whore. The line-up of the band is then completed with gifted Deyanira and her keyboards, Vltir Sarnat the bassist who has joined Xaemora in 2015 and made part of Rites Of Impiety, and W. on drums, known also from Bonerkill, ThorHammer, Acedia, MCF, Tropical Storm!, Vacant Grave and Decapitated Saints.

Pandemonium's Ocean has an omnipresent darkness, frost vocals, furious riffings, deep atmospheric keyboards, a blast roaring drumming during all of the seven tracks. Combining catchy melodies, an intense symphonic atmosphere and the ideal amounts of extreme metal, Xaemora permeate each note and many times approach to Dimmu Borgir's style. Mainly the lyrics talk about misanthropy, chaos  and  death. The first track, "Beneath Frozen Tombs", starts with an impressive speed for a symphonic style, but in its core remains faithfull to the 90s black metal. Great amount of tremolo picking and blast beats are well mixed with Deyanira's symphonic keyboards. I must also say that I feel pleased by the high pitched black metal vocals.
As I said this album is heavily rooted in the 90s, they use a great mixture of slow, mid paced and fast parts. A nice melodic guitar solo appears in "MSB", one of my favorites, and not just in this track, you'll get plenty of well inserted guitar leads throughout the entire album. Highlights to the fourth track, "Pandemonium's Ocean", that starts very melodic, almost painful, I'll risk and say that this song is the best of the whole album. The beautiful and crying clean guitar is capable to shivering your hair. The firsts two tracks are in the speed of light and are gradually slowing down, taking the epic posture, typical for symphonic black metal. "Lament" and the last song, "Altars", next to "Pandemonium's Ocean", completes this scene of captivating beauty that Xaemora brings to us, the end of the song with the guitars stealing the scene completely. I loved the last track, brings me a good vibe and is filled with rage.

I would say that in general the album is well structured, it has a well balanced combination of elements, it does not bring out anything new, but it maintains the style, certainly catering to the more traditional fans. Gragoth from Luciferium War Graphics, was responsible for the beautiful artwork, design and layout of the album. Xaemora has been developing throughout its releases, their demo and the two EPs were very nice, but now this album is much more refined and professional. It's a considerable sonic journey into the symphonic blackened machine for a band in the beginning of their carrer.
Pandemonium's Ocean brings forth an interesting take on and mix between the extreme rage and the melodic passion of black metal. Their intense blazing guitars, shrieking and harsh vocals, the symphonic/atmospheric keyboards, dynamic bass lines, and intense drums, tell us what I've tried to describe in this review. Xaemora has an intense agenda and have already played with metal monsters like Morbid Angel, Havok, Black Anvil, Tyranny Enthroned and many other well known marvelous bands. For sure you'll not regret to support this guys. Long life to Xaemora and looking forward to the next album.

Review written by: Felin Frost
Rating: 8/10


Recommended by Terra Relicta

Band: Amorphis
Album title: Under The Red Cloud
Release date: 4 September 2015
Label: Nuclear Blast Records

The new studio effort from the band brings us ten tracks, where we can find all of the most important elements that characterized Amorphis's music; there are tons of catchy melodic riffs, melancholic passages, folk insertions, aggressive and brutal parts, perfect guitar leads, progressive elements and yet much more. The sound is dense, in a way similar to the one on the previous album, but there's to be found kind of a dynamics that we were used to hear on their legendary album Elegy from 1996, and still there's that catchy melodic factor that was perfectly used before on almost each of their albums, but perfected for example on Skyforger (2009). Under The Red Cloud is maybe the most dynamic album the band released since 1996 and the ultimate proof for that comes already with the somehow typical new era Amorphis track - album titled opener, but nevertheless it shows that the band has enough courage to take everything one level higher. It has it all we should expect from the band of a such caliber, they sound more devoted into what they are doing than ever and the result is highly captivating, melodic, dense, versatile and surprisingly dark sound, which in my opinion has the power to bring also some new fans to their devoted fan base.

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