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Terra Relicta Top 20 Of 2018

01. Summoning -
With Doom We Come
02. MGT -
Gemini Nyte
03. Soul Dissolution -
04. Ocean Of Grief -
Nightfall's Lament
05. Lumnos -
Ancient Shadows Of Saturn
06. Caedeous -
Domini Tenebrarum
07. Mournful Congregation -
The Incubus Of Karma
08. Rome In Monochrome -
Away From Light
09. Sojourner -
The Shadowed Road
10. Atrium Carceri & Herbst9 -
Ur Djupan Dal


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Hate - Tremendum (2017) - Review

Band: Hate
Album title: Tremendum
Release date: 05 May 2017
Label: Napalm Records

01. Asuric Being
02. Indestructible Pillar
03. Svarog's Mountain
04. Numinosum
05. Fidelis Ad Mortem
06. Into Burning Gehenna
07. Sea Of Rubble
08. Ghostforce
09. Walk Through Fire

“Light the flame on every level of existence
 Feasting on Atma
 Sprouting from the seed of hate..”

One of the Polish black/death metal legends just released their tenth full-length album entitled Tremendum via Napalm Records. Masters of metal extremity from the beginning of their career in 1990, side by side with other Polish legends such as Behemoth, Vader and Decapitated, not even for a moment during all this years, lost the extreme heavy, raw and original tone. Hate is the kind of band that was already born as a legend. The line-up, although undergoing through ups and downs, was in fact pretty much normal for such a long and fruitful career, carefully constructed with great passion and intelligence, an extremely rich and powerful discography. The albums like Awakening Of The Liar from 2003, Anaclasis from 2005 and Morphosis from 2008 are just some of their masterpieces of explicit brutality. Of course, I could not forget the amazing DVD released in 2004 by Metal Mind Productions, Litanies Of Satan.
Tremendum arrives as its counterparts to once again surprisingly exceed and to consecrate Hate to the throne of the obscure depths of each of our minds. This death metal “tone” is definitely much more blackened as it ever was, but as always the band prints a unique identity. Not only are the masterfully destructive riffs, the bombastic percussion and a mammoth soundspace, the lyrics of the songs are very clever and psychological, yet dark and mystical. While I was plunging myself deep into the lyrics wrapped by perfect sounds it was just sublime.

The album brings us 9 tracks of fury from the beginning to the final note. There is no tedious or long track on this album, there is no point in repeating instrument passes. Tremendum will penetrate your brain destroying everything by the way. The opener "Asuric Being" will engage you in a mighty and threatening atmosphere. Drummer Pavulon solitarily delivers powerful beats in a gallopingly almost militaristic style. The guitars that follow are sinister as hell and the deep guttural voice of terrifying Atf Sinner perform an explosive rhythm to the track. This track already shows that what we will find is not only death metal, but there are awesome doses of pure black metal.

“Indestructible Pillar” also opens with a wave of blasting drums and guitar riffs that keep the pace fast. The bass surprised me with its scattering melody during the progressive guitar works. "Into Burning Gehenna" is one of my favorite tracks, it’s the most brutal of all. Another one is "Ghostforce", it's a melodic track, but don’t fool yourself, this track still carries the blackened hell that we know so well even if refined, showing clearer vocals sometimes driven with a melodic bass intrusion. "Sea Of Rubble" is one of the biggest tracks and works on the album as a transition between the heavy atmosphere that merges with a progressively fast speed. “Walk Through Fire” is the closing track and its structure with so much feverous love captivated me.

There is not much to add on this great work of titans, only that you will find loads of black metal with progressively ingenious beats, mixed with pure death. This album takes Hate towards a different sound to your ear while still retaining authenticity and powerful rage, one of the most exciting features for me. Tremendum is an influential omnipotent gift from Hate, a record that will take the band through a surprising new path and crystallize its name forever among the knights of the extreme metal apocalypse. You have no excuses to not give your support and praise the Polish masters of death.

Review written by: Felin Frost
Rating: 10/10

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Band: Neurotech
Album title: Stigma
Release date: 7 June 2015
Label: Self-Released

Playing softly with intertwining so many various styles, building on a solid foundation of cyber metal and enhancing with so many different layers, most notable feature of Stigma is its strong cinematic approach. The blasting drums are still present, covered with a dense layer of electronic effects and Wulf's vocoded vocals. But what really makes it so significant and pushes it further, is the grandeur approach and stupendous orchestrations, which flow more in the vein of film score music of Hans Zimmer, than symphonic metal, and are vibrating throughout the entire album. However, what spices up the deal are the numerous, eloquent insertions of so many different stylistic elements into the game. Stigma is yet another album, Wulf can only feel pride and joy of. What from a certain point of view may seem like it's only Infra Versus Ultra part 2, when realizing its potent nature, this album does open up new dimensions in the realms of Neuortech. On one side it is so staggeringly poetic, romantic and thought-provoking, on the other well as nerve striking, energetic and even demonic. If you are one of those Neurotech fans, who still craves and wishes for an Antagonist sequel, leave your hopes behind. But if you are here to follow the further evolution of its music, Stigma is simply an album you must embrace.

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