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Terra Relicta Top 20 Of 2018

01. Aeon Sable
- Aether
02. Amorphis
- Queen Of Time
03. Atrium Carceri
- Codex
04. Dimmu Borgir
- Eonian
05. Behemoth
- I Loved You At Your Darkest
06. The Eternal
- Waiting For The Endless Dawn
07. MGT
- Gemini Nyte
08. Primordial
- Exile Amongst The Ruins
09. Khôrada
- Salt
10. Immortal
- Northern Chaos Gods


Random album

Neurotech - The Decipher Volumes (2013) - Review

Band: Neurotech
Album title: The Decipher Volumes
Release date: 23 June 2013
Label: Self-released

01. Vol. 1 - Prelude   
02. The Cyber Waltz   
03. Damage Is Done   
04. Home
05. Below These Scars
06. Vol. 2 - Prelude
07. Let The Healing Begin
08. The Race To Recovery   
09. A Clouded Mind   
10. Is The Sunrise Coming   
11. Unconditional   
12. This Is The New Age   
13. A Separate Way   
14. Vol. 3 - Prelude   
15. Closure
16. No Turning Back
17. Triumph   
18. The Difference   
19. A New Tomorrow   
20. Decipher

Let's just say that Slovenian one-man band Neurotech with the final instalment of his Decipher series made a closure to a certain chapter in its artistic journey. The story goes back in April last year when the first Volume of Decipher was released and then in September of the same year the second one surprised many fans of the band. We had to wait quite some time untill the third chapter saw its light of the world and it was released together with previous two under the name The Decipher Volumes. This release with 20 tracks, three of them are just kind of intros to each chapter, can be considered, or as a compilation of three EPs or as a stand alone full-lenght album. Now, I'll concetrate on the tracks from the third chapter as I reviewed first two HERE and HERE.

There's no secret that Neurotech's mastermind Wulf begun to explore much more different musical aspects than on his breakthrough album Antagonist from 2011, so those expecting harsh cyber/industrial metal tunes could be a bit disappointed and yes, we already found that out on Decipher Vol.1, no matter if that was more direct, harsh or "in your face" release than consequent two, still we could notice that his primal goal is to create special atmospheric songs, yet spiced up with a huge dose of cyber industrial metal, heavy guitars and interesting pop melodies that became much more evident on the second Volume where we heard for the first time in Neurotech history female vocals performed by talented singer Tanja Ravljen. Now, on the third chapter of Decipher Wulf concetrates primarly on atmosphere, so we could put a label on his music atmospheric cyber pop/metal without any hesitation.

There are still some pretty heavy guitar riffs that form a basis, shouted harsh vocals and heavy hitting drum beats, but the synths take the leading role and create an outstanding ambiance in each track. To say the truth even the vocal approach became cleaner in some segments and that is without doubt a welcoming factor. After a short prelude and kind of introduction with "Closure" we get strucked with blasting beginning of "No Turning Back" and then you must be amazed with some captivating melodies that together with a huge dose of power and almost danceable rhytmic lines, industial metal scents and great atmospheric cyber synth forms an outstanding sonic experience. Rather predictable "Triumph" is the evidence that the new age elements goes very well together with distorted guitar riffs. Really impeccable musical compositions reach its peak in adventurous highlight of this release, "The Difference". Huge mesmerizing unworldy ambiances, heavy and simple drum beats, great catchy guitar passages and somehow emotional vocals blend so well with melancholic, almost gothic, yet danceable rhytms, not to mention how fantastic are orchestration and piano touches in this one. Electronics and futuristic pop elements are most evident in next one, probably a club hit, "A New Tomorrow". But you must wait until the end when the title track with its epic, seven minutes long, pure new age experimentation takes place to be completely amazed. I believe that with this one Wulf wanted to make kind of a tribute to his biggest influences, Enigma, Vangelis or even Jean Michel Jarre. Great ethereal seductive atmosphere with some angelic chants must take you on a sonic journey into places undiscovered.

The Decipher Volumes is a must, believe me, if you like atmospheric, yet heavy music. In all this electronic sounds it surprisingly holds an organic vibe, compact song structures, dynamic drive and with well done, modern production, this is one of the best releases ever released on Slovenian soil. I hope that Neurotech soon gets more attention and even more recognition in wider circles and not only between the fans of cyber and industrial metal. If you don't already own this release than don't wait as its digital version is available as "name your price" from Bandcamp.

Review written by: T.V.
Rating: 8,5/10

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Kalt is the solo gothic rock venture of the German multi-instrumentalist and composer Mike York, who is also well known as guitar player - formerly with the legendary Garden Of Delight for eight years and currently contributing his talent to the great Sweet Ermengarde. Kalt's fourth long-playing has just gone on sale under the pertinent title of The Invisible. It's a totally self-produced and thus free-willed album which portrays the artist's inner maze on impulsive swells of hate and devotion with a strong filmic character. Mike weaves here an embrace of anguish and comfort over the listener, providing an ultimately inspirational roller coaster ride. All the titles are preceded by a definite article, as it's the musician who inwardly x-rays himself to render emotions into songs. Musicians craft their best by going on an inner pilgrimage and The Invisible is unarguable proof of it

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