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EVOKEN - Track From Highly Anticipated New Album Available For Streaming

New Jersey (USA) based funeral doom legion Evoken presents the track "Ceremony Of Bleeding", taken from their forthcoming album titled Hypnagogia, the long-awaited new full-length which will be released on 9th November through Profound Lore Records.
The band comments: ""Ceremony Of Bleeding" was one of the last tracks written for Hypnagogia. Towards the end, right before we recorded this track, we became emboldened and added elements to this song which were very foreign to the traditional Evoken style of writing. We are very pleased with the result and if people like it, then great, if not, it's their loss."
Hypnagogia, which marks Evoken's first new output in six long years, was recorded, mixed, and mastered at Sound Spa Studios in New Jersey by Steven DeAcutis and comes bound in the artwork of Adam Burke (Artificial Brain, Mos Generator, Hooded Menace).
Known as one of the founding fathers of the American death/funeral doom metal scene, New Jersey's Evoken have been a long-standing pillar over the band's twenty-five-year pillage. The follow-up to their landmark Atra Mors full-length, Hypnagogia is a towering monolith that develops and redefines the band's sound. Pushing both their penchant for grandiose melodicism and their trademark aura of pulverizing, unparalleled heaviness even more, it is the base of this repercussion that makes Hypnagogia one of the most intense, compelling, and soul crushing Evoken listening experiences yet; one of euphoria, desperation, and hopelessness.
Hypnagogia also sees Evoken delve into their first concept album. Relays drummer Vince Verkay of the themes and lyrics surrounding the record, "Hypnagogia is based around World War I and its physiological impact on those who fought. It's used metaphorically about events that impacted me the past three years, which I will keep to myself. But the story behind this World War I theme is based on a soldier who was so bitter about being lied to and is losing his life. He's wounded in battle and decides to write a journal of his final hours, describing what he sees and what he feels as his life is slipping away. Feeling cheated, he makes a pact with a sadistic god that he can leave a part of his soul, which contains all of his suffering, within this journal. To feel some sort of vengeance, anyone who reads this journal releases that part of his soul and it attaches itself to the reader like a host. Each emotion being experienced as if they too where there. As the reader descends into a deep despair, they cannot handle this suffering, deciding to take their own life. Once gone, that part of their soul, containing all the misery is taken by the writer's misery-laden soul and attaches itself to this journal again, increasing its powerful grip onto the next reader and each time its read with its power increasing". Listen to the melodic passages underneath crushing riffs and ominous synth work of "Ceremony Of Bleeding" in the player below. Link