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WHYZDOM - New Lead Singer In The Band

French female fronted symphonic metallers Whyzdom faced another change in their line-up and again with lead singer. After the departure of Constance "Telya Melane" Amelane who left the band after bands debut album From The Brink Of Infinity in 2010 and short period of Clémentine Delauney we saw another album, the last studio output entitled Blind?, released on 30th October 2012 via Scarlet Records, where the vocal duties were handled by Elvyne Lorient. Now, also Elvyne is out of the band and she's beign replaced by Marie Rouyer. Whyzdom already recorded some songs with her and can be heard below. The reason why Elvyne left the band are explained in the statements from involved persons.
Here's the band statement:" For professional reasons, Elvyne won't be able to join us on stage to play Blind? with us for you. Unfortunately, this has become a permanent situation. So we've been thinking together about this for some weeks and she finally proposed to withdraw from the band, to give us the freedom to go on with as many concerts as possible. Though painful, we feel it was the most reasonable decision that could be taken, and we thank Elvyne a lot for having proposed it so naturally. We remain very proud of the work we did together and it will definitely be a great pleasure to continue listening to her voice on Blind?. We wish her the very very best. We'll publish her communiqué in the next few minutes. However, following this departure, we have the pleasure to announce that we have already welcomed in Whyzdom our new lead singer : Marie Rouyer. This is a pretty quick arrival, because, actually, we already knew Marie for quite long. It felt quite natural to ask her to join us, since herself had become free for some months from her previous band. She was recommended by Asphodel (renowned singing teacher and lead vocalist of Pin Up Went Down). Marie is an incredibly generous and kind person. More than that, she's an exceptionally skilled vocalist, with a great mezzo-soprano voice, a powerful natural rock voice... and even with extreme vocal techniques. It's been an immense pleasure to play our music with Marie for a few weeks already! We're pretty sure that you'll share that pleasure with us during our next concerts (we'll very soon play in Germany, then in Paris and in the UK at the Dames Of Darkness). We're so enthusiastic, that we decided to quickly record some bits of our two albums with Marie and put them on our Youtube Channel. Check it out, and let's meet very soon on the road again!"
Elvyne Lorient statement: "I can't express how much I am sorry to have to renounce singing for you in Whyzdom. Unfortunately, it has become impossible to conceal my professional life and a band like Whyzdom. If I would have stayed with Vynce, Régis, Nico, Xavier and Marc, I would have hampered their projects, it would have been impossible to do concerts, and I do think it would have been wrong from me. So, after several week of hard thinking, I decided to propose them to withdraw from the band, so that they can find another lead singer and start touring with her. I hope they will go as high as possible with her. I'm really proud to have been a member of this band. I have extraordinary memories. We had wonderful moments and I know you will have wonderful moments with them too in concerts. I'm sending you all a big kiss. Thank you to all of you who supported me so far!"
And finally Marie Rouyers message: "I am so happy and proud to join Whyzdom. It was such a surprise when they contacted me a few weeks ago, as I've always hold them as one of the best symphonic metal band. When they welcomed me as their new singer, I still couldn't believe it was true and I slowly realized it was, as the first weeks together passed by. Their music is so great, full of emotion, passion and so tight at the same time. This music is a real pleasure to sing and at the same time a real technical challenge! More than that, I discovered a warmhearted band, full of will and talent, with a fantastic team around them. I am eager to give all my energy and my voice to have the Whyzdom story go on and on. I'm eager to climb on stage, to play many concerts and to meet you all!" Link