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NOVAE MILITIAE - Sophomore Album To Be Released On Vinyl And Cassette, Available For Streaming In Full

Sentient Ruin and Argento Records have teamed up to issue the vinyl and tape release of French black metal abomination Novae Militiae's 2017 sophomore album Gash'khalah originally released on CD by Goathorned Prods. The release date is set for 4th May.
Evil, blasphemous, hideous, and utterly horrific, on their sophomore LP this mysterious French black metal entity summon total armageddon. In strict adherence to France's infamous tradition of birthing the most heinous and fucked black metal imaginable, Gash'khalah does not disappoint, spewing forth a wretched swarm of otherworldly aural annihilation that engulfs the listener like a blaze. In an attempt to harness complete and unadulterated ruin, on Gash'khalah Novae Militiae meticulously unravel almost an hour of vile and blasphemous sonic trauma that paints a picture of absolutely daunting horror. Through a sapient and unorthodox interweaving of unsettling atmospheres, deviant religious commentary, warped and disorienting instrumental passages, and an absolutely crushing delivery, Gash'khalah's hideous silhouette takes shape through the same realms of ruin and torment that have birthed masterpieces by other similar French black metal aberrations like Aosoth, Deathspell Omega, Antaeus, etc. The album is available for pre-orders at this location. You can of course give it a spin in the player below. Link