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ADONAI ATROPHIA - Metahistory Out Now Via Eighth Tower Records, Available For Streaming In Full

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Bulgarian esoteric/ritualistic/experimental dark ambient act Adonai Atrophia just released a new album titled Metahistory through Eighth Tower Records. Adonai Atrophia is the musical project of Seraphim Veluvian. His passion for esoteric thought, myths and ancient religions, crosses his music that shines with kaleidoscopic occult visions. Metahistory unites one of Seraphim Veluvian researches in the Kabbalah and the Islamic Ismailism which describes the Universal Cosmogony in a very deep, logical and mysterious way. It was originally released on Abandonment label from Bulgaria. This release by Eighth Tower Records includes two new tracks remixes, and final mastering by Sonologyst. You can listen to the entire album in the player below. Link