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ANTICHRIST - Debut Album Out In March, Track Available For Streaming

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Peruvian doom/death metal band Antichrist will release on 9th March 2018 via Iron Bonehead Productions their highly anticipated debut album entitled Pax MoriendiAntichrist formed in 2004 but not really kicking into recorded gear until a decade later, Antichrist soon released a steady stream of demos between 2014 and 2016. Through this requisite underground graft, the trio studiously perfected their craft, shaping its huge'n'haunting foundation - the doom-death trinity of Thergothon, Unholy and Winter - into something qualitatively their own. And indeed, across the five-song/45-minute Pax Moriendi, the listener is taken down into sewers a mile deep (or more), tweaking that immortal doom-death schematic into something righteously foul and filthy but still well within the range of melancholic human experience. Crushing-yet-ethereal chords reverberate through the forlorn night, and ever deeper into one's worst corners of their subconscious; the attack is slow yet insistent early on, with the foulness and filth flung liberally, to either alienate part-timers or beckon the most intrepid of souls. Then, as the album plays on, Pax Moriendi reveals a wounded sort of slo-mo melody, a blanching vulnerability, shedding its layers of metaphysical/spiritual garbage. Walk forth to the commencement of that funeral with the new track "In The Dark And Mournful Corner Of Memory". Link