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ALTARMANG - Debut Album To Be Re-Released By Cyclic Law, New Video Premiered Online

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One of the most prominent dark ambient/industrial labels, Cyclic Law, announced that they will release an expanded version of Void, the debut album of Altarmang, a new musical entity by Pär Boström (Kammarheit, Cities Last Broadcast) and Kenneth Hansson. Limited cassette version of this album was released in late 2016 by Hypnagoga Press. This new version features two previously unreleased tracks and has been remastered by Frederic Arbour. Altarmang offers uniquely intuitive and hypnotic atmospherics through reel-to-reel tape loops and analog tonalities. All infused with herbal alchemy and ceremonial surrendering. Cyclic Law will release Void on 22nd September. Video for the track named "Salamander" can be checked out by clicking on play in the player. Link