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HELL IS OTHER PEOPLE - New EP Out In September, Track Available For Streaming

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Canadian post-black metallers Hell Is Other People will release a new EP entitled Embrace on 15th September via CDN Records. Hell Is Other People music conjures the image of a bleak, desolate and grim landscape, one covered in lakes of tears and forests of trajedy. In the middle of this forsaken purgatory exists the crushing bleakness that is this Canadian post-black metal/shoegaze band. Like their namesake, this pentagonal conglomerate of musicians vomit forth a soundtrack befitting the insanity that is mankind.
Hell Is Other People were formed in 2014 in Windsor. Building on a foundation of a bleak, droning atmosphere, Hell Is Other People juxtapose elements of post-black metal and shoegaze to create an atmosphere that teeters between serene endearment, and crushing bleakness. The bands line-up consists of Brandon Gruber (Saudade), James Ditty (ex-Slaughterhouse On The Prairie), Geoff Haynes (ex-Harbinger), Mat Lemmon (Corprophemia), and Nathan Boots (ex-Burial Surface, Existential Dissipation). Immerse yourself in their brand new EP, Embrace, and pray to your false gods that you come out the otherside mentally and physically unscathed. Listen to the EP titled track "Embrace" in the player below. Link