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SEVENTH GENOCIDE - Announces And Describes The Upcoming Album

Italian post-black metallers Seventh Genocide will release their new album entitled Toward Akina in September through Third I Rex in collaboration with Wooaaargh (Germany) and Chaotic Noise Prayers (Mexico). The band describes their album and new sound with next words: "The band's sound and approach to songwriting moved toward a more experimental attitude. From this point of view, the forthcoming album Toward Akina shows this new dimension, still influenced by post-rock and black metal, but in a darker and more introspective way. We think of Toward Akina as an introspective journey through death and the realms of non-physical existence, with the intention to express the depth of human consciousness across a huge variety of musical influences. From dark atmospheric black metal soundscapes to trippy psychedelic and ambient layers."
When thinking of post-black metal, we all usually think of dissonant and morbid guitar patterns, fast drumming and that long abused "religious" feeling which has been for a long time the trademark of the actual genre. Alternatively, we think of the shoegazy style of bands such as Alcest, Lantlos and all those others who have mixed the genre with a more "rock-oriented" sound.That is why, after so many years, is always incredibly amazing when bands are capable of creating a completely new way of intending the genre. Over the black metal roots of the style, Seventh Genocide have found kind of their own voice and took the definition of post-black metal to a brand new level. Forget dissonances, forget shoegaze. If Pink Floyd could have played black metal, there is a huge possibility that their sound could have been not so far from what these Italians have to offer. With a certain level of psychedelia mixed with a classic black metal approach of pure North European origins (early Hades, Isvind, Windir, early-Taake), Seventh Genocide are able to shift from blast-beat driven moments to pure evocative fragments of outstanding emotional beauty. More details and first excerpts should follow soon. Front cover artwork can be seen below. Link