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CRYO CHAMBER - Pre-Orders Available For Nyarlathotep

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Pre-orders are now available for the massive 190 minute Cryo Chamber collaboration, Nyarlathotep. You can also see an 8 minute teaser video on their Bandcamp page. Cryo Chamber says about the album: "A 190 minute dark soundscape album recorded by 25 ambient artists to pay tribute to H.P. Lovecraft. Field recordings from the deepest dark corners of 4 continents. Dusty tapes out of forgotten archives. Strings through crackling amplifiers and distorted drone combine into a sea of pitch black. Nyarlathotep is a manipulative being in the Lovecraftian Mythos. Unlike Cthulhu, or Azathoth, he delights in cruelty and deception. Causing madness is more important than destruction to him. Smell the burning embers as you kneel outside the sunken temple before Nyarlathotep. Feel the raspy touch of the faceless pharaoh as he leads you to the ancient Pyramid. Hear his inhuman summoning call to gods beyond reality. So is this a compilation? No, this is a collaboration and huge undertaking. 25 artists linked studios and sound for over a year so that they could work with each other. This led to deeper exploration of the Mythos and Nyarlathotep."
Collaborators on Nyarlathotep include: Kammarheit, God Body Disconnect, Dronny Darko, Ugasanie, Kristoffer Oustad, Alphaxone, Svartsinn, SiJ, Gydja, Atrium Carceri, Darkrad, Flowers for Bodysnatchers, Aegri Somnia, Randal Collier-Ford, Neizvestija, Metatron Omega, Wordclock, protoU, Northumbria, Sjellos, Sabled Sun, Council Of Nine, Cryobiosis, Apocryphos, Enmarta, Mystified. Link. Check out the teaser video here.
01. Nyarlathotep 1
02. Nyarlathotep 2
03. Nyarlathotep 3